Better Health

I find that many people just carry on with life trying their utmost to stay well.  One of the challenges is not being able to get good information on health related issues to make decisions on how to get and stay healthy.

No, I’m not a health freak, far from it actually.  But over the years, I’ve appreciated good information sent by friends to remind me that there’s still much more to be done with my health.  Things concerning our blood, the cholesterol problem, our heart and liver, all play a vital part to assist us to stay well.

I am starting this page in the hope that I can share those kinds of information that I believe can make our lives better, even stimulate our minds to want to consider living a more healthy lifestyle.

Send me your best health information and I’ll get them posted here.

Lowering Your Cholesterol Level Naturally

I read this from an article sent by a friend.  I’m not selling any supplements or any other programs here.  Don’t get me wrong.  This article was originally produced by Mercola from the US.  I’ll leave it to you to ponder over.  Read here.

Papaya Leaves Juice – Cure for Dengue?

This was circulating around the internet for some time.  Just received it from a friend and I thought it would be interesting reading for us all.  As in all health related postings around the Internet, do not believe everything you read.  Always consult a physician or an expert before trying such prescriptions.  Read here.

Check If Your Feces Are Healthy!

Learn more about what your feces can tell you concerning your health!  General questions about your feces, questions about floating stools as well as being able to correlate the color of your feces to your health all found here.  I suppose this can be called your One-Stop Sh*t Shop!  Read here.

Calories Burned Chart

Check the activities you are doing today that helps you burn calories.  You may want to modify your activities to do those that burn more calories.  It’s true, active sex burns calories.  For the lazy, you will discover that watching TV and even sleeping can help burn calories.  But is it enough?  Check it here.

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One Comment to “Better Health”

  1. maybe you can write about traditional herbal thingy. I came to know from my fren that this herbal thingy really work.
    They are pain in the ass but it really work. ( personal experience ).

    according to someone also, i came to know that only malay ladies are extremely aware of this herbal babies. other race? they dun take care of physical until it’s too late.

    if we can believe in slimming thingy program, maybe we can give this a try.. and they are much more cheaper compare to the amount of slimming and health program thingy.

    these babies are natural herbs.

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