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January 10, 2012

Auditor General: The Man Najib Wants Replaced (Updated)

Latest: The Auditor General of Malaysia has just had his tenure extended for another year starting February 23 (read here). We applaud this move and wish Tan Sri all the best to continue his work without fear or favor.

Tan Sri Ambrin Buang, the Auditor General of Malaysia, deserves to be applauded for remaining steadfast to the cause to bring about good governance in the Public Sector. The 2010 AG Report that Najib apparently delayed to present to the Parliament before tabling the 2012 Budget was the hard work of Ambrin and his dedicated team. Unfortunately, he has remained the bearer of bad news for the BN Government every year and last November was no different. (Read here on a recently published Q&A with the AG).

Each year, there appears to be more and more cases of “faults” reported by the AG and every year it falls on the deaf ears and toothless agencies who can’t seem to take any action to rectify them. All the irregularities must be fixed and culprits punished but we never hear of anyone prosecuted. In the 2010 AG Report, there are so many items that the MACC can act upon to make right but the good work of the AG stops just as information only. Even the binoculars case in MACC was quickly brushed aside as a non-issue. Not forgetting the National Feedlot Corp fiasco which the AG report called a “mess“.

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