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July 19, 2014

No End To BSM Bible Issue

Contrary to what Malaysians think that the Attorney General has concluded this case by designating no further actions and to instruct JAIS to return the bibles to BSM, the current turn of events by MAIS and the Selangor Sultan have changed the expected course of events.

News reports that indicate the Sultan’s intent that JAIS should proceed to engage with the state prosecutor to move this for a court decision appears to have caused a divide of opinions. Given this latest turn of events, it is unlikely that a genuine conclusion of this case will be seen anywhere in the near future.

There are also news reports that MAIS is suggesting that the bibles be disposed instead of being returned. To the Christian community, it may appear as an insult to order such an action although anyone can go to read the text on the Internet today. This action will further compound the situation, affect the emotions of the minority communities and challenge the AG instructions.

So, who has the final say in today’s government on legal matters, especially like this one? Is it the AG, the state prosecutors, the Sultan, JAIS, MAIS? One thing for certain, it is not MB Khalid or PM Najib. The so-called political twist to this episode has been confused intensely and is very difficult to extricate out in any easy way.

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January 7, 2010

Government wading into dangerous precedent

Updated on 7-Jan

The recent ruling allowing the Catholic Herald to use the term “Allah” in their BM publication has started a flurry of emotional reactions.  Marina Mahathir called them “knee jerk reactions” and that’s probably what they are.

With all the rest of the component parties in BN reacting with a deafening silence, it appears that only Umno is running this action to prohibit the use of the term by the Herald.

Yesterday (6-Jan), the Home Ministry says they “will allow a public demonstration against the “Allah” ruling, planned by Muslim groups this Friday at the Kampung Baru mosque here, to proceed and will only take action if “things get out of hand.” ” (read here).

Today (7-Jan), Najib our beloved Prime Minister says “that Muslims are free to protest and express their views against a court decision allowing the Catholic weekly Herald to use  “Allah” as God’s name.” (read here).

Imagine the surprise of the public when this article was published.  It appears that the Home Ministry feels that public gatherings like a candlelight vigil is more dangerous than this public demonstration by Muslim groups.  The public is still watching the outcome of the cow head stomping case where the authorities did not take any action until much later and after public outcry forced them to do so.

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