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December 28, 2012

Window 8 – Microsoft will win, over time

Microsoft did not fare well for the Christmas season, so it appears. At least when compared to the Apple, Google and Samsung products snapped up for the stockings. Rest assured, Microsoft is not taking this lying down. They have a very strong adoption presence in corporates and enterprises around the world. They dominate the business and home desktop space. They will be a natural choice when the time comes for technology replacement. Slowly but surely, Windows 8 will dominate the combined desktop and mobile space.

This is our sentiments regarding Windows 8 and in response to a less than stellar sales performance of Microsoft this Christmas season. Given the position of Microsoft in corporate business, one can surely appreciate why there was no big hurry to get the latest Windows 8 notebook. They are new and a bit more expensive when compared to the iPads, Tabs and Nexus of the world. And Windows RT is dismal given the severe lack of applications.

But the position for Microsoft is always the Intel-based devices, be it the servers, desktop, notebooks and now the tablets. We believe the time will come in 2013 when people realize that having a Windows 8 notebook that has both touchscreen and keyboard and runs all your existing XP or 7 apps will mean a great deal more than buying a new device to complement your notebook.

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March 9, 2010

Between HTC, Google, Apple and Nokia

Recently, after using a number of cool and latest smart phone gadgets, it’s really time to share some insights to each of these devices.  Granted, the thoughts here are really my personal experiences but it should be fairly representative of these different classes of devices.

I hope you will find this useful as you consider spending some money on new and nifty devices.  I am comparing the HTC Touch Pro 2, HTC Hero, iPhone 3G and the N97.  They should be representative of their own classes of gadgets.


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May 3, 2009

iPhone 3G: The Hype and The Myth

After a while of being the proud user of an Apple iPhone 3G, I think that it is time for me to be very candid about using this cool baby of a device.  After all, I’ve written a few articles on this device before and this is not going to be the last.

Prior to this, I had the pleasure of using the Apple iPhone (2G version) and now a 16GB 3G version.  Essentially, the experience is the same although the 3G data gives a slightly better data transfer speed than its 2G brother.

To cut a long story short, this is my conclusion for those of you who are thinking of getting one.

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