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November 13, 2011

A Lot of Cock and Bull These Days’

What is happening to Malaysia these days? The Auditor General reported that the National FeedLot Centre (NFC) project is in a mess. NFC was set up to reduce our dependence of importing beef by 40% and the noble goal of growing our national ability to execute the business of raising meaty cows (and bulls) is admirable.

The Government claims the project was a success supposedly in raising 3,289 heads against a target of 8,000. Since when is spending all the money but making less than 50% of your target a success?

Then there was a soft loan of RM250m to assist NFC and the Khairy explanation of a “like escrow but not escrow account” method of disbursement. NFC states the RM250m in their books but the Government says only RM181m has so far been disbursed. Someone is surely lying but proper accounting doesn’t lie.

Worse still is the revelation that about RM10m was spent on a high-end luxury condominium in Bangsar. And Khairy provided the cock story that it was for good investment. To raise bulls in luxury? Is the the Malaysian version of wagyu beef?

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