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March 30, 2012

NFC Distractions – Re-tender Whitewash

As if shifting the public focus of NFC to the court is not enough, Noh Omar announced that they will re-tender the project. This is a serious case of shadow play here.

We already commented that Mohammad Salleh, Shahrizat’s husband, will be acquitted as there is really no case. This was done to appease the public outcry as well as the rumblings within Umno. It is a gem of a strategy to shut up the Opposition.

However, even with Shahrizat ending her cabinet post, she remained adamant to retain her Umno Wanita chief post and that struck a major chord of disdain with her Deputy and ex-Wanita Chief Rafidah. Najib managed to keep the internal conflict under wraps and declared that Wanita Chief Shahrizat will lead them into the GE13. Nevertheless, the emotions are still boiling underneath that facade.

To take it a step further, Noh Omar announced to re-tender the NFC Project which now appears as the most foolish step taken thus far. It smacks the faces of Muhyiddin who said the project was successful. It spits into the faces of Malaysians thinking that this solves the NFC fiasco.

The truth is that it doesn’t at all.

This is a feeble attempt to further distract and pull wool over the eyes of the public. This time, the public knows all too well that the attempt smells like a cover up.

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March 18, 2012

NFCorp CBT: No Case


On March 12, Salleh Ismail was charged for Criminal Breach of Trust and violating the Companies Act on 3 counts relating to RM49 million. He pleaded not guilty. (read here.)

We have all been following closely to the NFC debacle and how the Opposition Parties, particularly the PKR has played this to the maximum possible. PKR has slowly revealed piece by piece all the dirty laundry related to NFC ever since the Auditor General Report 2010 was tabled in Parliament last October.

Umno on the other hand has been put on the back foot trying to shield the party yet giving all the leeway for Shahrizat to melt into the background. Because this debacle has to do with the raising of cows, the Opposition Parties have been very successful to relate to the various communities across the country on the magnitude of corruption alleged and the people are agreeing as well. This does not augur well for Umno and BN and finally it is curtains down for Shahrizat come 8 April when her senator term expires. Yes, she is not resigning, just expiring and not renewed.

Now with her husband charged in court for CBT, it appears that the BN Government finally came to their senses albeit late. Umno will not want Shahrizat and the NFC debacle to remain its Archilles’ heel. Umno has been stumbling all over itself since the beginning and this latest episode should nail the noise shut.

However, the reality may show that this action is too little, too late. It may very well be a shadow play or wayang kulit that will end up having Salleh acquitted instead. And the reasons may be quite simple.

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January 26, 2012

The facts of NFC debacle

The National Feedlot Centre (NFC) and the National Feedlot Corporation (NFCorp) have been confusing the public a lot. In many cases, it has been used interchangeably but they are actually two separate entities. In actual fact, based on the AG Report 2010, the two have no legal agreement with each other at all. This is a highly engineered piece of work by those involved. Here is the attempt to clear some of the fog covering the so-called debacle and is based on the AG Report 2010

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