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March 6, 2013

Nur Misuari and the so-called Sulu Sultanate Claims on Sabah and Sarawak – Unfounded!

The Philippines Star reported that Nur Misuari has claimed that Sabah and Sarawak belongs to him and his clan (read here).

Misuari said he and his clan are the true owners of Sabah and the Malaysian state of Sarawak. He said history would bear out that Sabah and Sarawak were the original properties of his great, great grandfather.

This was picked up by the Borneo Post online (read here) and CM Taib has rubbished this in his retort (read here) saying Misuari is twisting history. And Taib is correct in this matter.

The so-called Sultan of Sulu claim to Sabah is now well known with the recent and still on-going invasion of Lahad Datu, Sabah. Again, this is frivolous and mischievous and has turned into vicious and terroristic.

Certainly, most Malaysians are not aware of the history of Sabah and Sarawak and such claims by the so-called Sultan of Sulu and Nur Misuari are giving Malaysians a lot to chew on. It may be prudent to share some historical facts here to debunk their claims as wild and without historical basis. Furthermore, for them to prove their claims will be impossible.

A Quick Borneo History

Sarawak had, at one point in time in history, been part of the Bruneian Empire. In 1485 under Sultan Bolkiah, this empire pinnacled in what was called the “Golden Age” and claimed to be a force within the Malay Archipelago. The Bruneian Empire covered the most part of Borneo all the way to Mindanao and everything in between.

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March 5, 2013

More Trouble In Sabah? Scary if True

A news report by Manila Bulletin has given Malaysians an eye-opener if true.Their report (read here) talks of MNLF insurgents being trained by Malaysian military trainers coming back as part of the recent Sabah invasion group. It also revealed that while they were still in Malaysia for training that they have hidden a stash of arms provided by the then Libyan leader, Kol Gaddafi. What have our Government been doing behind our backs?

If the report is true, we can expect a long drawn guerrilla warfare in Sabah like what the MNLF did in southern Philippines for the past few decades.

Maybe, this is just rhetorics by MNLF to throw Malaysians off and full of nonsense. But the Government must come clean and clear on this if they were somehow involved.


March 4, 2013

IGP Finally Admits The Lahad Datu Invaders Are Enemies

Our IGP, Ismail Omar, was reported to have referred to the Lahad Datu invaders as enemies. This was what was reported in the FreeMalaysiaKini article here.

Ismail added that police also discovered six other bodies whose identities could not be ascertained.

“We believe they are the bodies of the enemies,” he said.

The PM and IGP have been reported to deny that these invaders are militants or terrorists. Tun M admitted that the Government may have made a wrong assessment in the initial stage of the invasion (read here). He was reported to have said that

“At first we did not think the intrusion was as an external threat for they were on our shore.

Mahathir said the only reason the government had “acted cautiously” in the beginning was because the intruders were Muslims.

The Government classified the 180 armed men as “intruders” and refused to label them as “terrorists” or “militants” which is clearly a mistake because it led to a path of appeasement and negotiation rather than a firm and decisive action.

It is also clear now with the Army positioned that General Zulkifeli believes these invaders are military trained.

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March 2, 2013

Malaysia Failure At Lahad Datu – Commentary of Chronology

The foreign incursion into Malaysian territory of Sabah has shed a poor light on the part of the Malaysian Government in handling such incidents. This incident happened on 9 February and a deadly ambush yesterday 1 March ended in an apparent shootout reportedly killing 14 and wounding 3.

Malaysians are appalled by the way the incident was mismanaged and calls for a thorough review of protocols to prevent another fiasco from happening again in the future. We believe that Malaysia has not sent a strong and firm signal to all foreign parties who may harbor similar intents. Hence, the Home Minister, Defense Minister and Foreign Minister as well as the Prime Minister must make amends immediate to fix this.

The chronology is taken from TMI here. The chronology is attributed to Bernama. Commentaries are inserted in bold.

Chronology of intrusion by Lahad Datu rebels

KUALA LUMPUR, March 2 — The following is the chronology of events pertaining to the intrusion into Lahad Datu, Sabah by an armed group from the southern Philippines:

February 9 — The group enters Malaysian waters in a boat and begins to gather in stages at Felda Sahabat 17, Kampung Tanduo in Lahad Datu.

A few pertinent questions must be answered.

  1. How did this group managed to slip past our border security by boat? Did they come by many vessels or a large one, enough to ferry 180 people (the number as reported here.) This is not a trivial covert affair and our border security must have been sleeping on the job. Where was our Navy and Maritimes (our Marine Police rolled into a new outfit)? Even having Scorpene submarines cannot seem to help.
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February 26, 2013

February Roundup

February was expected to be a very eventful month, notwithstanding the celebration of the Chinese New Year. Politics take the fore in Malaysia during this time. There were strong indications that PM Najib was going to dissolve the Parliament towards the end of the CNY celebrations right around the 20th but that never happened. Electoral assistants were asked to prepare for a late March work as well as helicopters were being block booked for East Malaysian states.

We are now at the end of February and that announcement for GE13 is now touted to be announced in mid-April for a May General Election. Some say that this time it could be held during a weekday to discourage the turnout. Whatever the date may be, it is certainly an anticlimax for the long expected event.

What happened?

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