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October 19, 2010

Budget Inadequate – A Critique of the 2011 Budget

PM Najib announced the 2011 Budget last Friday.  There were immediate shockwaves that permeated the entire nation.  The Opposition obviously didn’t think anything good of it.  But more astounding is the lack of overwhelming agreement with Najib coming from BN leaders.  The statements made appear to be hardpressed to find positive supportive words.  Perhaps many are still in shock from the announcement.

Why should the 2011 Budget give a shock to everybody? Regardless how Najib sugarcoats this Budget, the country must come to terms with it as we all have to live with it, good or bad.  Here’s glossing over some pertinent thoughts about the 2011 Budget.

People’s Budget?

There is very little for the people in reality.

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