Samsung Galaxy Note – An excellent oddity

The Note barely fits the hand

I have been looking at the Samsung Galaxy Note for a while now. It comes in white and black and the advertisements make it very attractive indeed. It also comes with a not-so-new novelty of a stylus. The earlier O2 xda and Palm PDA devices were stylus based as the touch screen being new lacks the precision and the UI designed for the fingers.

Anyway, Samsung has elected to use the stylus for more precise selection like a cut-and-paste action on images. I am not sure how many people will thrive on using that and one can easily loose a stylus.

At first glance, the Galaxy Note is extremely enticing and sexy. The vibrant colors of the super AMOLED capacitive touch screen catches the eyes immediately on the 5.3-inch large screen. As predicted, Samsung will use their AMOLED technology on the larger form factor devices. Samsung first used the AMOLED technology on their high-end phones in the past. One of these days in the near future, maybe in March, Samsung will let us have this super AMOLED on the Galaxy Tab series. Otherwise, Samsung will not be able to compete with the rumored Apple iPad3.

After catching back my breathe from the captivating screen, my sober senses took over to ask the inevitable question. How silly will I look holding this device to my ear to make a call? The answer? Very silly!

Compare to the Galaxy S II, the Note is far bigger, not just a little bit!

The unusually large sized Galaxy Note which is larger than most phone you hold to your ears do appear to make you look rather silly. The only way out of this predicament is to use the wired headset that comes along with the device or to pair it to a bluetooth headset. Obviously, that’s the best accessories you must have if you think of getting the Galaxy Note.

Unless you are a lady with a handbag or the metro male who carries a clutch bag, as an executive male, you will find it awkward to keep it in your breast pocket or your pants pocket even if it fits. And you should have a larger than normal pocket for that matter. The earlier shipment of the Galaxy Note comes with a folder case. Getting a companion case is a must for the Note so that it is protected properly since you will be holding it most of the time, much like bringing an iPad along except much smaller.

If you already have a Galaxy S II or an iPhone 4S, then the Galaxy Note is probably not for you. Otherwise, if you have some spare change, it is a definite eye-popping conversation piece you can show off with!

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