October 29, 2014

Special Branch Warning on ISIS-like Threat in Malaysia

A few days ago, the Malaysia Special Branch gave a public warning on the real and serious threat of ISIS affecting Malaysia anticipated to be done by Malaysian Muslims who were recruited to fight in ISIS against other Malaysians. Malaysia is a country who will not simply give any such warnings because such news may cause upheaval if wrongly understood.

What the Special Branch said in a carefully worded interview is a wakeup call for all Malaysians who see ISIS as a threat to our way of life in this beloved country. The analysis is that this threat is so serious now that the Police has no choice but to warn the people ahead of time because if this threat is allowed to be made real, it will be an overthrow of our Government and the people who do not subscribe to their advances.

The article was carried by The Sun Daily here.

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May 10, 2018

Malaysia – A New Day Dawning

10 May 2018 – As a nation overdue to a change of Government as many around the world having done so, Malaysians showed that such a major change can be done peacefully, without any bloodshed, but at the ballot box.

Malaysia will be a country of great interest to the world on how to remove the longest ruling party in the world (over 60 continuous years) by the will of the people so clearly shown by their votes casted throughout the day yesterday.

Amidst all the shenanigans, gerrymandering, trickeries, obstacles placed before the people to vote, Malaysians made it clear once for all what they wish.

This is democracy at play and the West should study Malaysia carefully.

It was against all expectations where the ruling party has so much at their disposal to thwart the Opposition onslaught with money, audacious promises and threats.

But they didn’t expect how their ex-President, Tun Mahathir, with his team which party was deregistered prior to calling of the election, will have played such a shrewd strategy with all the pillar leaders of Pakatan Harapan and to bring out his old guns at the last week to turn the tide against incumbent Najib.

The more the BN played their influence over the Election Commission and went to the extent of even cutting out his face from billboards, the BN fueled the anger by their treatment of this grand old man of an ex-PM.

This election has seen all the worst side of BN in their desperation to win by even holding back the validation of vote counts.

So, congratulations to Malaysia and to Malaysians. You made the call.

As and when Tun Mahathir is sworn in tomorrow by the deputy Agung, Malaysia will have a brand new chapter and starts with the world looking keenly on her to rise to great heights.

And Malaysians will have high hopes on Tun Mahathir and the new Government to straighten up all the institutions for a great Malaysia.

The mandate has been given.

The people has decided.

Malaysia Boleh!

May 10, 2018

Closest Official Count, Runaway Unofficial GE14

The excitement builds with the unofficial results revealed ahead of time. It appears to show Pakatan Harapan winning but there are rampant allegations that the KTM will not sign a number of Borang 14 to make official the count. Reports are rife with the Police being called in.

Tun Mahathir along with some PH leaders made a Press Conference stating the allegations.

Officially, most reports show BN and PH neck-to-neck but I am sure our Malaysia Special Branch already know the facts.

How will this pan out over tonight? The people at the various counting centers affected are out to ensure transparency.

Pray for the safety and boldness of the Counting Agents affected to stand their ground for a fair election.

The excitement continues…11:59 p.m.

May 8, 2018

Malaysia Votes Tomorrow

In about 9 hours, Malaysians will be going out to vote in the 14th General Election (GE14). Many say this might be a historic defining moment that may see Barisan Nasional (BN) become the Opposition Party in Parliament.

This time, Tun Mahathir is leading the charge at 92 of age. He could be enjoying life but has chosen to stand with the Opposition to challenge BN to Putrajaya.

This was never in anyone’s wildest dreams. With Anwar locked away, Tun M was a natural choice. And banding together PKR, Bersatu, DAP and Amanah, and yes, standing under the PKR logo only, Tun M is also making history of sorts.

It is left to be seen if voters for the Opposition can overcome the gerrymandering, the flippant decisions of Election Commission (EC), the incredulous promises made by Najib, the various tricks to prevent a big turnout, Malaysians must come out to vote.

Whatever results that may appear tomorrow should be seen as clean and fair in the eyes of all Malaysians and the world.

Will it be more of Najib’s offers or will it be a fresh and just new government? Even Umno doesn’t believe they can change.

Culture, especially a bad one, cannot be slowly nursed to be good. It must take the shock therapy of serious soul searching and humility, neither is found in Umno.

In light of the constant denials of wrongdoings, there is really nobody who dares to pry into all allegations anymore with Najib having consolidated his powers.

GE14 is about what the people say, if it is at least enough to turn the tide or Najib will have outfoxed his one-time mentor?

Will Malaysians see a new tomorrow or more of the same?

We shall know by early Thursday morning.

So, go vote, fellow Malaysians. Do your duty. Stay safe!

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April 5, 2018

Parliament May Be Dissolved Tomorrow for GE14

It seems that with the rushing through of the Fake News Bill as well as the passing of the Redelineation Exercise through the final Parliament sitting recently indicate the imminent announcement of GE14.

Tomorrow, Friday 6 April, will be a special Cabinet Meeting in the morning moved from Wednesday and is also the final day sitting of the Parliament. Because there was no Cabinet Meeting yesterday, the fuel pump prices remain unchanged. Perhaps, it will remain unchanged until after the next Government assembles because the current BN Government will only be a caretaker after the dissolution of Parliament.

On the next day, Saturday 7 April, BN will announce their manifesto and a lot of news breaks have been alluding to the fact that our PM Najib has never announced the manifesto unless he calls for the General Election.

As such, tomorrow will be a timely moment for him to do so. The Rakyat of Malaysia has been long awaiting this GE14 as our PM Najib has been teasing since last year but it never did materialize. This suspense has inadvertently hurt the economy because all the anticipation for the GE14 do cause anxiety and suspense to Government and Corporate procurement.

And PM Najib is most likely to announce GE14 tomorrow which is much welcomed!

March 6, 2018

Malaysians Brace for GE14

Malaysians are anticipating the PM’s announcement to hold the next General Election. This Parliamentary sitting will be the last which just opened yesterday by our Agung. Perhaps PM Najib will announce his decision on GE14 at the end of this sitting by or before 5th April so all the BN’s needed business he has planned will have concluded, including the redelineation changes of constituencies.

Some say this will be a walk in the park for the ruling party, Barisan National (BN), because Najib is very confident to win and expected to win big this time, maybe even more than two thirds majority. They say the 3-corner fights involving PAS will mess up the Opposition. They say the redelineation will mess up the Opposition. They say the Opposition is messing themselves up without BN. It’s a hands down win to Najib. Not forgetting all the machinery and incentives that may be at their disposal. All odds are stacked up for a BN and hence, Najib will win and win big. What more? BR1M is coming out by next week.

The Opposition, for obvious reasons, will say just the opposite. They say the 3-corner fights will benefit them and PAS will be the biggest loser. They say PAS members actually hate the decision Hadi Awang made to cooperate with Umno and will be angered enough to spoil their votes or vote the opposition just to spite their leaders. They say the redelineation will have minimal impact on the Opposition because regardless how they cut the lines again, there will always be mixed constituencies of all communities. They say the appearance of disarray is over and everything is fixed or almost fixed. They say they have fixed the most important thing which is the allocation of seats. They say Najib will not win hands down, in fact, he won’t win at all. That PPBM knows all the tricks in the book and BN will not be able to pull the rabbit out of their hat this time. The INVOKE organization is gearing up to have PACABA at what they identified as “marginal seats”.

Any which way the speculations go, Malaysians must go vote and do their duty.

April 19, 2017

Good News in Bad Times – INVOKE

IMG_20170419_082750.pngI have stopped writing for a while to observe our world in Malaysia getting from bad to worse. I always wondered why are there so many people who wants to make this beautiful country run to the ground. I figured they are selfish, greedy and because they can.

I feel excited after reading about INVOKE. In a lengthy message sent out by YB Wong Chen regarding what Rafizi Ramli started with a bunch of young and intelligent Malaysians focused to help capture 40 marginal seats so that the Opposition Front can win the next General Election.

In the past, you can hardly read about Malaysians coming out to dare live a dream. Rafizi is doing so for the love of Malaysia, our beloved country, using brains and youth and commitment, something quite lacking in this present generation.

There is nothing for them to gain from a material viewpoint but lots of respect and admiration from their peers. They are doing this for the better future of Malaysia. And doing it with honor and respect for people, especially those in power. They do it without screaming “bloody Mary” or threatening incarceration. They do it with finesse.

This is the dawn of a new generation of Malaysians. Using their brains and skills, putting technology to good use, they are going to show the world that that can play a significant and definite role to turn the tides of GE14 which is expected to come in the second half of 2017. They are ready to roll.

I am amazed that they have such clarity in goals, strategy and direction and I hope to write about their success in the near future.

Viva la INVOKE!

Viva la Rafizi and team!

If you are reading this, you MUST do your part to support. Check them out.

INVOKE – https://www.invokemalaysia.org


November 19, 2016

Bersih 5 is on today 19/11

Following the arrest of Bersih 2.0 leaders yesterday afternoon, many people especially those in leadership,  had hoped that the people rally Bersih 5 will dwindle away.

Somehow, the authorities have taken far more precautions than last year. Bersih 5 will be on as planned. 

Stay tuned…check out the next posting on Bersih 5 updates.

October 4, 2016

Stop Hadi’s Bill Until There is Constitutional Guarantee

Later this month in October 2016, the so-called Hadi’s Bill which is a Private Member’s Bill will be debated. Many Muslim leaders like PAS President Hadi Awang and Umno President and Prime Minister Najib Razak are trying to convince the Rakyat that this bill has nothing to do with implementing hudud which is part of the shariah prescribing various penalties for apostasy, adultery, false accusation, alcohol consumption, theft and robbery. Are they telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
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November 24, 2015

Was Works Minister MISINFORMED?

When Fazillah Yusof answered a question in Parliament, he apparently had said that the recent major increase in toll across the city did not break the BN Manifesto presented in 2013 for the General Election. This angle was only carried in THE MALAYSIAN INSIDER and no where else even when the other media covered this story.

If you are not already aware, the recent toll hike took Malaysians by surprise and gave us all a nasty shock at the rate the increases were applied to 18 highways from October 15. This graphic from PAULTAN.ORG summarizes neatly in case you have forgotten.


Now, you can read the story reported by TMI below dated 23-November-2015 or click here. Then you can check if he was misled, mistaken, misinformed, etc. You be the judge. Continue reading

October 2, 2015

Malaysia Taking Syrian Refugees? Really?

PM Najib gave this commitment in his UN speech yesterday. The Malaysian Insider reported (read here) that “Malaysia ill open its doors to 3,000 Syrian migrants over the next three years to help alleviate the refugee crisis.” Najib was playing politics to the world stage in an attempt to show that Malaysia was caring. He said that “we must respect our common humanity … People around the world cry out for our help. We cannot, we must not, pass on by.”

Applause indeed. Fantastic rhetorics made by our very own PM Najib.

Now, back at the homefront where his own people are suffering due to economic pressures caused by the severe depreciation of the Ringgit against the US Dollar, the severe cashflow problem for businesses caused by GST, the overall quality of life and higher cost of living for all Malaysians, have fallen on deaf ears, or so it seems.

When will Najib say such appeasement to the Rakyat? Malaysians are waiting for him to first talk and then walk the talk. He appears not to appreciate the terrible plight of Malaysians but he can talk of the pain of the Syrian refugees. If he cannot take care of the people here in Malaysia, why is he taking Syrian refugees and wanting to make their lives terrible by joining our pain? All for a political stunt?

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