In an unprecedented move, Tun M did the unthinkable to show up at a street rally Bersih 4 not once but twice in as many days.

Today, Tun M took the KTM Komuter together with his wife, Siti Hasmah, along with an old friend, Zaid Ibrahim. FB went abuzz with pictures of Tun M with the people in a train, arriving at the Central Market station at 4:30 pm this afternoon.

Although rumors were rife about a possible outing with Tun M at the Bersih rally this morning, nobody believed it until pictures of Tun M in the train were posted.



When he arrived, again he was mobbed. The people welcomed him all the same. He headed to the food court and had a press conference. Then he gave an impromptu statement on his way out.

Watch “4.30pm: Mahathir turun demo BERSIH lagi” on YouTube – 4.30pm: Mahathir turun demo BERSIH lagi:

Key messages:
“I am not here because I support Bersih but I support the people.”
“We just don’t want a PM like Najib.”

Tun M is a very shrewd politician and a very old hand at this game. He knew he can get maximum mileage when he turned out at Bersih 4 and what he says will spread like wild fire. He took the train, joined the people, says the right things, the people loved him. And they know that when he says it, there’s more weight.

So, there is a common goal in this instance and it was very well played. And gave the Bersih message a vital boost. Even his daughter, Marina Mahathir, supported Bersih 4 in London.

This is the biggest spite in the face for Najib and Zahid, and it must have taken them by surprise. Let’s see what the responses are tomorrow.


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