Malaysia Taking Syrian Refugees? Really?

PM Najib gave this commitment in his UN speech yesterday. The Malaysian Insider reported (read here) that “Malaysia ill open its doors to 3,000 Syrian migrants over the next three years to help alleviate the refugee crisis.” Najib was playing politics to the world stage in an attempt to show that Malaysia was caring. He said that “we must respect our common humanity … People around the world cry out for our help. We cannot, we must not, pass on by.”

Applause indeed. Fantastic rhetorics made by our very own PM Najib.

Now, back at the homefront where his own people are suffering due to economic pressures caused by the severe depreciation of the Ringgit against the US Dollar, the severe cashflow problem for businesses caused by GST, the overall quality of life and higher cost of living for all Malaysians, have fallen on deaf ears, or so it seems.

When will Najib say such appeasement to the Rakyat? Malaysians are waiting for him to first talk and then walk the talk. He appears not to appreciate the terrible plight of Malaysians but he can talk of the pain of the Syrian refugees. If he cannot take care of the people here in Malaysia, why is he taking Syrian refugees and wanting to make their lives terrible by joining our pain? All for a political stunt?

The country’s confidence in the economy and the Ringgit is in shambles and he talks big on the world’s stage. When Malaysians are struggling to bring food home to put on the table, he talks as if Malaysia is paradise with overflowing milk and honey. The grief of Malaysians are ignored.

How are the Syrian refugees with no money but clothes on their back going to make a living here in Malaysia when Malaysians ourselves are struggling each day to make ends meet? Shouldn’t Najib first fix our problems at home before going out to fix other people’s problems? Whose PM is he anyway?

Can Najib’s advisors advise him properly? Can the Cabinet raise our plight? If our leaders won’t help us, who will? Malaysian leaders have all joined NATO – no action, talk only. Even talk is missing these days. There are no rhetorics from any leader to appreciate the challenges in the Malaysian life today.

We, the people of Malaysia, wants answers to our problems from the leaders we have voted (or not voted for depending on the case may be.) Bring back hope to Malaysians as we feel really tired of the “wayang kulit” (shadow play) of our Government. When the world’s oil prices have fallen so far down, we have increased the price at the pump. The Ringgit depressed may have something to do with that but things are getting ridiculous. Nothing the Government say makes sense anymore.

The alleged donation worth RM2.6 Billion (worth more now) can certainly help a lot. But Najib won’t help, Umno won’t help, all busy with politicking and not free to tackle our economic situation. We are in a sad state of affairs indeed.

Malaysians, pray that our leaders will see our pain more than the Syrian refugees. Whatever we can help Syria, we should but not at the expense of poor Malaysians. Pray that our leaders set their priorities right. Malaysians pay their salaries to work for Malaysians first. Not for them to play politics with the rest of the world.

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