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December 13, 2010

So much “news” in Malaysia these days

Malaysia is brewing with “news” these days.  Here is a quick roundup in case you missed them.

Wikileaks on Anwar (read here) as well as Najib (read here) are causing much difficulty for them as well as the countries (read here and here) alleged to have made the statements.  These are difficult times for both Anwar and Najib in damage control mode.

Perkasa leader Ibrahim Ali again made headlines coming to the defense of Najib (read here) while Najib has remained silent thus far.  Further extreme ideas include Perkasa demanding the Najib administration to build a special museum commemorating May-13 (read here).  His latest taunt reflects a poor judgment on his part on nation building interest which is deplorable to say the least for this politician.  One wonders if he actually knows the facts behind the unfortunate event or is bent to force his personal view on the matter.

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