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May 8, 2014

Sad Times For Malaysia

The past month has been seriously challenging Malaysia with the mysterious loss of MH370. Amidst all the poor management of public and international relations, we have been inundated with legal threats to Opposition leaders to jail Anwar, charge Rafizi and Teresa Kok for what appears as frivolous, mishandling of SIB case, kissing up to Obama, worrying about rising corruption, unending spewing of insensitive and unsubstantiated allegations against Chinese and Christians causing disharmony with impunity, and the untimely death of Karpal Singh, a legal pillar of the Federal Constitution. Notwithstanding PAS political play with hudud toying Umno around and pissing off DAP.

What is there to write about? It is all so sad. Else it is too sensitive. Where is the Government, where are its leaders, where is the PM? We seem to be run on auto-pilot now and on at least 2 sets of laws, one for Umno, the other for the Opposition. When NGOs and leaders tell other Malaysians to move away if they don’t like it, this is no longer the Malaysia we know and love.

Anti-GST rally has its use to connect the people with the issues but the Government will introduce it anyway come 1 April 2015. The Government says GST will bring down prices and yet this logic defying statements have never ever been substantiated by officials who defend GST. If nothing changes with GST, then why implement? Does the Government think that sellers will absorb changes in their cost prices to reflect no change to the selling price with GST? Whoever thinks this way must be in a different world. GST has its merits for the Government but it does not benefit the people. It helps the Government gain income but the people worry what will happen to that additional income.

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