Microsoft is BACK


Microsoft is scheduled to make a major announcement today in the US. The software giant is poised to make a mark in the tablet market and has been long awaited. Finally, the day is here. With the all new Windows RT for the ARM-based tablet, Microsoft will be shipping the Surface Tablet with Windows RT by tomorrow. The Surface tablet with Windows 8 will be shipping sometime in January, as speculated.

This is a game changer and a serious challenger to Apple’s iPad as well as the Android-based tablets by various manufacturers. Don’t miss this and don’t blink an eye. Microsoft is back and clamoring for a lion share of the tablet market.

Windows RT is to challenge Apple’s IOS and Google’s Android. Windows RT allows the setting up of multiple accounts, something which IOS and Android cannot do. But the number of apps is way behind IOS and Android. The developers have a long way to go. But it is Microsoft and the catch up will not be too far down the road.

Windows 8 will set the tablet market apart and is positioned as an alternative for business capable devices like Servers, PCs, notebooks and now the tablet. Microsoft will have its own Surface tablet for Windows 8 next year. This will finally allow businesses to choose tablet devices that runs Windows 8 as an option to their workforce. Something that runs all the present Windows XP and Windows 7 apps.

Enterprises have struggled to manage devices like iPads being used in the business but they cannot find a consistent way to secure them like notebooks and PCs. With Windows 8 supported on tablets by Microsoft, Dell, Samsung, Asus, Acer, Lenovo and HP, we shall see a new market quickly making a niche into the notebook space.

Finally, when Microsoft makes her move, it is a monumental one. Microsoft is starting a new era of computing that goes beyond the personal. They cater for the businesses too which means you can now use the same device for both business and pleasure including the ability to allow others to temporary use their devices without compromising the security. Multi-user capability with separate identities in a single tablet is the uniqueness of Windows RT and Windows 8.

So watch out for Microsoft. She is BACK!


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