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March 6, 2013

Nur Misuari and the so-called Sulu Sultanate Claims on Sabah and Sarawak – Unfounded!

The Philippines Star reported that Nur Misuari has claimed that Sabah and Sarawak belongs to him and his clan (read here).

Misuari said he and his clan are the true owners of Sabah and the Malaysian state of Sarawak. He said history would bear out that Sabah and Sarawak were the original properties of his great, great grandfather.

This was picked up by the Borneo Post online (read here) and CM Taib has rubbished this in his retort (read here) saying Misuari is twisting history. And Taib is correct in this matter.

The so-called Sultan of Sulu claim to Sabah is now well known with the recent and still on-going invasion of Lahad Datu, Sabah. Again, this is frivolous and mischievous and has turned into vicious and terroristic.

Certainly, most Malaysians are not aware of the history of Sabah and Sarawak and such claims by the so-called Sultan of Sulu and Nur Misuari are giving Malaysians a lot to chew on. It may be prudent to share some historical facts here to debunk their claims as wild and without historical basis. Furthermore, for them to prove their claims will be impossible.

A Quick Borneo History

Sarawak had, at one point in time in history, been part of the Bruneian Empire. In 1485 under Sultan Bolkiah, this empire pinnacled in what was called the “Golden Age” and claimed to be a force within the Malay Archipelago. The Bruneian Empire covered the most part of Borneo all the way to Mindanao and everything in between.

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May 4, 2011

Put an End to Racial Politics

When will the political leaders of Malaysia ever learn that all Malaysians must be taken care of at the same time regardless who is voted to represent them.

The ethnicity doesn’t matter at all. It must be true Malaysian leaders representing all Malaysians and no bias to any one group.

At the present state of our country, all political assessments are still along ethnic lines. After 53 years, this narrow view is deeper than ever before prompting PM Najib to come up with the 1Malaysia slogan for unity.

That chameleon slogan uttered even as a greeting like “Selamat 1Malaysia” has given rise to the most obscure meanings and now it means anything to anyone who makes any sense out of it. Meaningless at best.

No point arguing what it means because even PM Najib doesn’t even know himself it seems with conflicting words coming out from him as he plays to the gallery.

In anticipation to GE13, Umno will realise that if MCA is rejected, BN will not be able to regain the 2/3 majority. However, PAS has also pointed out that with an 8% swing in Malay votes to Pakatan Rakyat, BN will lose the election.

Strange that all analysis remains along ethnic lines but that’s not how Malaysian thinks anymore.

In most if not all constituencies, it is impossible for a mere single ethnic group to determine the win of a seat. You need Malaysians from all ethnic background to win seats.

Yes, there are still racial bigots who will vote along racial lines. They can’t understand the bigger country picture.

Then there are those who are party bigots. They will vote their party no matter what. However, we see a change in GE12 where party members abandoning their own parties to vote the opposition or spoiling their votes in protest, the latter being the foolish.

Ignore the rantings that ethnicity in the Government will be best to represent various groups.

In modern Malaysia in the 21st century, all leaders voted to power MUST represent the interests of all parties without fear or favor. It is the capability of the leader and the political group leadership that matters as they seek to serve all Malaysians especially those in need.

Let’s choose wisely for our political representation in the country’s government. It is not the ethnic background. It is the capability to represent us all regardless of ethnic background.

Listen to the voices of those who present themselves for our votes and hear clearly what they say. See through their charade and cut to the chase. What have they done and what more can they do to make our lives better. Not tell us how to vote.

Let Malaysians NOT be divided but united to face the world. We need each other to make this happen.

May 3, 2011

Vote MCA for Chinese Representation in the Government – Irrelevant

The recent rantings by Chua Soi Lek and PM Najib miss the mark altogether.

It is a fact that the Chinese support for MCA is now at a dismal state. But it didn’t have to do with Chinese votes.

It is also a fact that it is not only the Chinese that voted for MCA. There are Malays, Indians and other communities who also voted.

Generalizing and singling out the Chinese is absolutely wrong and is factually incorrect and also dismisses all others in the process.

When the call is for 1Malaysia, why does it matter on the call that Chinese representation in the Government will be affected if MCA loses Chinese votes?

In GE12, Chinese voted for MCA, MIC, Umno, etc. Not every seat is MCA. They also voted for opposition parties. They did not vote with the mind of having more Chinese representation in the Government.

Just as in the recent Sarawak election that not only Chinese voted DAP but also the Malays, Dayaks and Ibans.

Nothing Racial Please
On the contrary, they as well as many Malaysians from all communities voted for who they felt can lead the country for a better future. It didn’t matter what ethnic background was the candidate from. It was the bigger picture that mattered.

In fact, GE12 is a true reflection of 1Malaysia where voters voted for who they felt can best represent their future. There were no racial lines drawn except where politicians forced it.

So why did Soi Lek and Najib mislead Malaysians with such political blackmail as some has called it?

Political Fear
The general fear of losing support makes politicians act strangely. They fear their political powers subsiding and hence, such irrational reactions and rhetorics.

MCA is now down in the dumps and need to drum up general support as it gasps for political air for survival. They can see how Gerakan operates today. MCA can be just that or worse.

Did the MCA not realise their own members do not support them? Soi Lek must deal with them first and then to address the shortcomings of MCA in relation to Malaysians at large because all communities voted for or against them.

Think General Election, Think About All Malaysians
Malaysians do not really think racial lines when it comes to elections. Certainly, there are those diehard bigots who are partisan but most Malaysians vote for those who can make their lives better.

Of course, some may say this is naïve and many Malaysians do vote whoever gives them money.

We can’t change that overnight but hopefully that change can come soon enough.

The point we must make is for politicians to uphold 1Malaysia and speak about Malaysians at large, not by race but by NEEDS. Malaysians have needs that politicians must address. It affects all communities.

When it floods, we must help all affected by it.

When there is injustice, we must stand up against it no matter who it is.

When there is poverty, we must help them all regardless what race they are and who they voted for.

This is in essence a true 1 Malaysia. It is about giving help and hope to ALL Malaysians, not a particular group.

If all the politicians clamor is for particular groups, then let only those groups pay income tax and all others be exempted. That is fair.

Obviously, there’s fair and there’s fair depending on who executes the fairness. That is politics. But Malaysians are simple people who wants a better future for us and our children.

Focus on what matters to Malaysians, not the political parties. Then the voters will know what to do when their time comes.

April 18, 2011

Sarawak Election – Who Really Won and Lost?

The Sarawak Election is over and the people has spoken. They brought BN and Taib back to power.

Obviously, BN won with 55 seats but lost 8% of the popular votes at 55.24% (unofficially).

Taib, PBB

Then it is also obvious that Taib won and he was promptly sworn in as the CM. He was slated to win anyways because PBB won all 35 seats, one short of a simple majority. Taib is not CM for 30 years by fluke. He also won his right to dictate to BM and specifically Umno of his power endorsed and over Najib’s intrusion during the end of the campaign.

There was never a moment that Taib would have lost except for wild speculations and Najib’s paranoia for not understanding Sarawak. Najib’s advisors should all be sacked for underestimating the old fox and usurping his power but Taib won hands down.


It is a resounding acceptance by the Sarawakians, not just the Chinese but Dayak and Iban communities that came thronging in support and gave it overwhelmingly. Winning 12 out of 15 seats contested is excellent and PKR, PAS, SUPP, and SNAP must learn from DAP and PBB.

Go for what you seriously can win. Not for wishful thinking like SNAP and PKR. Even PAS knew they didn’t stand a chance but going for 5 seats shows they were testing the water still. But PKR going for 49 seats and ended up losing 46 (regardless of reasons which might be true). PKR had no clue going into the Sarawak Election and the results showed.

DAP was preparing for close to a year. PKR was still bickering over seats with SNAP. And there’s nothing more needed to be said about SNAP now with such dismal results losing all 26 seats contested, including the one they won in 2006.


Although Najib and the rest of the Ministers would like to claim glory for the BN win, it will be too short sighted for them not to realize that their contribution almost helped the opposition win. The Taib factor was the platform for the opposition but was also the reason BN still won in all the heartlands of rural Sarawak. Taib knows best. That’s why he’s been CM for so long and with this results, no one can deny Taib, not even Najib.

But Najib did win for trying hard. And he did so at his own peril of upsetting Taib. Now, Najib will try to force Taib to step down and Taib’s message will be bugger off!


Not enough can be said but they don’t seem to learn. No proper preparation ahead of time, going into battle without strategy but piggyback on DAP. Going for way too many seats without having the right resources.

They underestimated the logistics and terrain of the constituencies they contested. There was no cohesive ground strategy except to push with ceramahs. Rural folks in the heartland needs handouts, not words, as they are already in hardship. Not able to communicate to them how PKR can change that if they voted PKR has been the biggest challenge.

PBB is there for way longer and knows the culture and terrain very well. What made PKR think by popping in during election that the people’s minds can be swayed? As we can now see, PBB won all their seats.

PKR’s Azmin Ali doesn’t know a thing about running campaigns and if he does, it didn’t show. DAP’s Tony Pua although new had all the experiences he can drawn on and the urban/rural landscape is more familiar after being there for decades. So PKR can’t expect the same results as DAP.

Last remark about PKR. They were hoping that the GE12 sentiments against the establishment was present and hoped that the people will vote just anyone as long as it’s not related to Taib. They were so wrong. Poor reading of Taib’s mega influence just like Najib. Seems that West Malaysians don’t have much of a clue on how Sarawak works and thinks.


George Chan lost. SUPP won a mere 6 seats. George is expected to step down soon and let the next set of leaders decide the fate of the party, unlike Gerakan and MCA who has been giving SUPP advice publicly that sounded more like flatulence instead.

SUPP knows best. George must be really tired fighting the election of his life that was nothing like what SUPP had faced before. DAP literally overwhelmed with personable messages rather than generic rhetorics.


The people will win but if any community of people is sidelined or victimised, there will surely be a retaliation in the GE13 when that happens.

The results is the people’s choice. They are still Sarawakians even if they didn’t vote BN. What should be alarming is that almost half the voters supported the opposition.

So to win them back is to do more to show BN can seriously “transform” into what they personally feel is improvement before the supportive 50% start casting the votes the other way.

One thing for sure. The popular votes show more accurately the sentiments of the people and not the seats as they don’t represent the 1 person 1 vote construction.

The people has spoken. Take heed. This is possibly the last chance for BN to buck up before it’s too late.

April 17, 2011

A New Era has Dawned in Sarawak

Sarawakians have spoken today with BN 55, DAP 12, PKR 3 and Independent 1(BN popular votes 55.24%).

Loud and clear too. They have chosen to retain Taib and BN as a whole.

At the same time, they have voiced out that they are not happy at all with the state of affairs. So they have enlarged the opposition voice, the biggest in Taib’s 30 years of reign.

This is the Win-Win position that Sarawak has hoped for and the people has spoken.

Taib wins Sarawak with 2/3 majority, Najib gets confidence back, Opposition gets a bigger legitimized voice and now watch how Sarawakians benefit from BN honoring their campaign promises.

Soul Searching

SUPP has to rediscover and do something drastic to restore themselves after winning 6 of their 19 seats contested, especially important was DCM George Chan losing in Piasau.

Taib delivered Sarawak to Najib and with his PBB winning all their 35 seats yet again. That was enough to bring them almost to simple majority (36 seats).

How can anyone think that Taib will lose? Najib became paranoid after learning how the opposition had overwhelming reception at their ceramahs that he personally came to campaign himself taking over from Taib. And all along Taib had it covered.

Taib in Control

Now that Taib has been sworn in as the new CM, will he step down in two to three years time?

Campaign is campaign. The reality is Taib will step down when he steps down. His two to three years is his view of time. People will soon forget and Taib will still be around the next elections.

Taib will remain in full control of the state although the state assembly will see more hot debates and questioning,

Umno will remain shut out from Sarawak but they will find a way. As long as Taib is there, Umno will not have a chance to do so.

GE13 Next?

Next will be the 13th General Election (GE13). Najib said to use the Sarawak Election to gauge BN’s odds to win. Najib is very please with this win that he may most possibly hold it in June/July this year.

Najib has been feeling more confident following the many by-election wins and now bouyed by Sarawak. His mood must have been perked up.

On the flip side, Pakatan Rakyat also feels more confident now that they stand a much better chance in the Parliamentary election possibly coming up. Pakatan needs more seats from Sarawak and today has shown that it is very possible.

Sarawak Example

Good morning, Sarawak! You have done your duty.

All is peaceful and calm and the people of all tribes in Sarawak continue to show what the real Sarawak really is – 1Sarawak!

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April 16, 2011

BN wins Sarawak but loses more seats to DAP, PKR

Taib delivers Sarawak yet again.

As the results are still coming in, the official announcement by EC was just made that BN has won by a simple majority. Indications are getting clearer that BN may just also get their 2/3 majority but just barely.

It is expected that DAP will win at least 12 seats with PKR between 8 to 12 seats. There is only 1 Independent winner.

What is clear is that SNAP and PAS did not win a single seat. Did SNAP help BN win by splitting the non-BN votes? We’ll know when the detailed results come in.

The biggest loser is SUPP where George Chan and many of his team lost to DAP.

What will this mean to BN, Taib and Najib?

This result is a wake up call to the BN to put things right and restore the confidence of the people. Fixing all the public grouses as well as reorganizing the BN parties, particularly SUPP, will be crucial.

Taib wins by not doing much and this will probably tells a story to Najib not to jump the gun in Sarawak. No matter how the opposition gains traction, it still can’t get that far. Sarawak is different from Peninsular. Although the Peninsular styles have certainly made an impact, the culture is still different from the Peninsula’s practice. The Najib intrusion was not appreciated and was a kneejerk reaction, a sense of desperation. But not for Taib at all.

The message can be said of one to Umno to please stay out of Sarawak. You don’t know how Sarawak works..

Now the opposition can be more effective in the State Assembly and will be a good improvement. It is good for the people to have a louder check-and-balance voice.

The people has spoken. Make their lives better or else the next election will see further erosion of BN seats.

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April 16, 2011

Sarawak Election – The Last Hours

There are only hours till polling. It is Friday night right before the Sarawak Election Day – 16 April.

Expect all punches pulled. The federal government came to campaign. So did Tun M today. The Sarawak polls has turned into a federal matter.

Predictions from all over but which ones are accurate. Time will tell.

Some say the shocking outcome tomorrow may see SUPP mauled and go the way of Gerakan. SNAP will win nothing. Masing and even Abang Johari and George Chan may lose and the fight will be immense. On the ground sentiments may indicate a loss already.

Another assessment puts even Taib losing. Unbelievable. As an old hand in such elections, it is quite impossible to “lose” the seat at all. Taib knows exactly what to do to save his seat for sure. As for the rest, that may not be quite the same and will depend on how much vote swing they can fight but beyond which is game over.

Both BN and Pakatan are putting their best foot forward and BN will do their utmost to fend off the unexpected most formidable challenge by the entire opposition front.

What is clear is that the tide has turned in many areas towards the opposition. Some say at least 19 seats but another 20+ is too close to call. The opposition has managed to mount their campaign that touched many Sarawakians and changed at least the ceramah culture by turning out by tens of thousands in some reports.

Certainly, BN has been bedazzled by the opposition led by Anwar. All the attempts to smear him have not stopped his popularity but have given him more public support. The way the opposition handled the many sensitive issues made them looked personable. BN didn’t come across as understanding the ordinary Sarawakian and the opposition wins hands down.

Crowds don’t necessarily correlate with votes but is definitely encouraging. BN’s crowds came for the food and goodies and then leave for the opposition ceramahs. That certainly must be disappointing but yet doesn’t mean a loss of votes.

This time round, Sarawakians are treated with the election campaigns of their lives. The Christian community which makes up almost half the voters were not spared when Najib and Pakatan both tried to reach out to them. Net result, BN made no headway.

Tomorrow morning will herald a new dawn for Sarawak regardless how the results turn out. It’s already a historic campaign.

And then to see how much of all predictions will match the voters final collective decisions.

Sarawak! The stage is yours! Vote wisely your constitutional right and your loudest voice yet! The rest of Malaysia and the world are watching you.

April 11, 2011

Sarawak: Win-Win is Possible

Sarawakians will decide on April 16. This election appears to be heading towards a landmark in not only state history but a national history.

1. Taib will win but lose enough to have a strong opposition

Although there are serious rumblings and disenchantments across many constituencies, it is unlikely that Taib can be defeated at all. The culture of state dependence is just too strong. The government machinery with Najib in the picture will dampen the opposition’s momentum for sure.

However, it is also accepted that BN will lose substantial number of seats, between 20 to 25 seats in all probability to deny BN 2/3 majority (24 seats needed). Between PBB and SUPP, they can easily lose 20 over seats with SUPP losing the most.

[On a side note, it is highly improbable that the opposition will take over from BN. As such, it will remain an impossible dream for them but the results may just be enough to lead a federal electoral change. Baru Bian will not be the next CM but possibly the Opposition Leader at the State Assembly.]

This will definitely serve a loud wake up call without Taib losing out and delivers on his promise to win Sarawak for Najib. A major reshuffle of leaders and strategies will take place and Sarawakians will win ultimately.

In this state of power shift, Taib wins, opposition wins and the people wins.

2. Najib’s worst fears begins

Sarawak will NOT fall to the opposition. It cannot, not at this time, if ever. Taib will continue to rule but most definitely not for very long though.

Enough seats will go to the opposition to legitimize the growing disenchanted voices of Sarawakians and to keep the ruling government on their toes.

This will mirror the federal parliament where the opposition denied the BN their historical 2/3 majority.

However, this time around, Najib will really be having a nightmare to call for GE13 soon.

Najib has already broken history by calling off this Wednesday Cabinet meeting and have flown to Sarawak with his Ministers to campaign for BN. This signifies a desperate Najib not confident that Taib can sweep the seats again although Taib can win it for BN.

However, Sarawakians are smart people and proud of their statehood. They don’t like to be walked all over and told what to do. Taib and team are certainly not going to appreciate this intrusion by Najib. It will most likely fuel some level of retaliation at the votes swing from BN to the opposition instead of helping. This lesson was not learnt in the Sibu by-election at all.

In yesterday’s news, Najib had lost out to the opposition support at the ceramahs held in Kuching. Najib’s 1,000 vs Anwar’s 8,000. The Peninsula’s campaign style has taken hold in Sarawak for sure. However, this is no indication of the voting pattern at all. An emotional victory for the time being for the opposition and red faces for BN.

Najib will sweat if Sarawak loses its 2/3 majority and his worst nightmare will begin about his decision on GE13.

3. Time will tell – April 16

Will there be a Sarawak BN revolt on Najib’s usurping Taib’s leadership in the campaign? Will Taib let this go without a whimper and swallow this intrusion and eat humble pie?

If Taib is the fearless leader that he is and all the powers that be supporting him, there will be evidently clear signals at what can be called a “controlled loss”. Sarawak BN will win the state and lose 2/3 majority. Taib will deliver on his promise and also signal to Najib that he is not welcomed in Sarawak by losing enough seats in retaliation.

Bouyed by an opposition gaining momentum, this can be easily achieved by Taib. A loss that is yet considered a win for Taib and Sarawak and giving room to the opposition.

4. Sarawak has a National impact

Do not for a minute think this is merely a state election. By Najib making his historic entrance intruding into Sarawak elections will tell you that this has a serious national impact.

Never in the history of Sarawak election have we seen the PM taking over the campaign trails. Najib is the first and probably not the last Peninsula leader to do so into the future. He has set the precedence.

From the Sibu “You give me, I give you” “buy election” to this very major state elections, Najib is not letting any results to chance if he can help it.

Time will tell and soon it will be. Come Saturday, history will be made. Sarawak will write national history as they cast their votes.

April 8, 2011

April 16: Tsunami or Fizzle?

The Sarawak State Election polling date is April 16. Will this be a watershed of elections as many predict or will BN and Taib prevail over everything thrown at them.

The Opposition appears to believe that this election can become the turning point for a national level change.

In practical terms, BN and Taib also know that Sarawak will present a turning point of sorts to the ruling government or the opposition.

This will be a very hard fought elections although BN is poised to win majority of the seats. Most pundits believe that BN cannot lose Sarawak but may lose a substantial number of seats.

This turning point will augur well for the opposition if they manage to deny Taib’s 2/3 majority or even the near impossible of defeating BN.

This turning point will also augur well for BN if they don’t lose as many seats to the opposition and will encourage Najib to be bold enough to call for a Federal election.

Of course, there is so much said on both sides especially in the MSM as well as alternate media. But the Sarawakians have the final say come April 16 no matter come what may.

No government is perfect. Not BN and certainly not Taib. This article is not about sides but a centrist view of what is transpiring and brewing in Sarawak.

Certainly, there are numerous issues being thrashed around. This election will go down in history as the hardest fought yet to date and perhaps the dirtiest.

A lot is at stake here for all parties. An don’t underestimate the stakes as it is more than Sarawak as most leaders know all too well.

This is not just about Sarawak. What happens here will have broad ramifications and Najib has already alluded to it when he commented he will assess Sarawak election results before deciding on the GE13.

If BN and Taib make significant losses in terms of number of seats, it can start a tsunami if GE13 is called.

If BN and Taib wins comfortably albeit losing some seats not significant enough to cause a major dent as the opposition fizzles out, Najib will feel more confident to move forward with GE13.

Politics is dirty. All “legal” tactics will be used this time and appears to be no holds barred. Observers already have lots to comment and EC has barred MAFREL as observer status. But that’s how politics go. It’s personal to a large extent and the future of many leaders are also at stake and won’t lose without a fight.

The mood in Sarawak is all hyped up with this mother of all Sarawak elections. Can Taib retain his control and charm or will family members come to spoil the party? The coffee shops are starting to brew with all sorts of speculations.

And speculations they remain. No matter who says what, it is what the electorate believes that will influence their votes, regardless if that belief is true or false. Electoral votes have generally been emotional and this time is no different.

Certainly, the campaigns are out to charm the fence seaters as the diehards on both sides will be unlikely to change their minds no matter what.

This time, there are the most number of Independent candidates and it is predicted that they will all lose. Let’s see if that be true.

So, all Malaysians, please sit up and pay close attention to what is happening in Sarawak because it will affect everyone of us most assuredly, whether we want or not.

This Sarawak election can see either the beginnings of a GE13 tsunami or a stronger BN emerging to shut out the opposition.

May 27, 2010

Of Hindraf, HRP and the so-called 3rd Force

The Free Malaysia Today reported that BN has “upstaged Pakatan Rakyat in wooing the outlawed Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf)” (read here).  It is said that there is also a movement towards forming a so-called 3rd Force after the BN and Pakatan Rakyat (PR) together with the Human Rights Party (HRP) and other civil rights movement particularly from Sabah and Sarawak.

All this makes for interesting political reading but is it feasible and plausible to embark on such a major feat?  What are the merits and how will the average Malaysian voter view this new political play?

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