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March 24, 2009

Maxis 3G iPhone Plan – Second Thoughts!

After a more queries into the new Maxis 3G iPhone plan as well as looking at various AP set prices, I have come to the following conclusions:

a)  get 8G model at RM2,300 – RM2,550 unlocked and do what you want with your data plan

b)  get 8G model on the 12-month RM250 commit plan

c)  get someone to pay for you

If you need the bigger brother 16GB, it’s going for RM2,600 – RM2,950 now.

Another thing, there is a penalty for early termination in the Maxis plan but they never tell you until you finally sign on the registration form.  I had a hard time getting the answer at the Maxis Center at KLCC.  It seems that the staff there were quite stumped with that question.  However, finally, the truth came out.

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March 24, 2009

3G iPhone now in Malaysia – Finally!

iphone-3gAfter many months of speculation if Apple was going to work with Maxis or Celcom, we now find Maxis offering this from today onwards.  This is official and who knows, maybe Celcom might be next but for now, Maxis it is!

The 3G iPhone plan is also interesting and I’ve also gone to the shops to check out the parallel imported AP set 3G iPhones.  Let’s see which options are worth it.

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March 16, 2009

Teaching Maths and Science to revert to BM

UPDATE: Finally it has happened! (read here) 8/7/09

The Malaysian Insider today reported the likelihood of a reversal from using English to BM to teach Maths and Science for the Primary School level (read here).  It was reported that the vernacular schools will teach these subjects in Mandarin and Tamil.  It seems that there is little discernible difference in results which can be attributable to the use of English which implies no negatives.  In fact, most students chose to answer their exams in English.  So why the change?  Shouldn’t we focus on improving Math and Science?

If this be true, it will be a remarkable first of education policy flip flop being influenced by a demonstration and some public outcry.  There are equally loud voices on both sides of the divide but the Ministry of Education is appearing to be influenced by the so-called nationalist public outburst.

Today’s The Star reported that about 1,000 signed a memorandum in support for teaching Math and Science in English (read here).  So, will the Ministry of Education listen to them now?

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March 14, 2009

Teaching Maths and Science in English – Harping on the Wrong Thing!

There is a raging debate over using English to teach Maths and Science.  There was a public demonstration against this recently although silenced by the police.  Literary laureate and other political figures had led the protest.

More submissions in various blogs have attempted to present views from both sides of the divide.  Malaysia Today carried various postings to allow readers to appreciate the pros and cons.

If we are not aware, long, long ago, prior to our independence, Maths and Science were taught in English all the way until 1969.  These subjects were then taught in Malay since 1970 until 2003 when the the Ministry of Education decided to revert back to using English again.

After 5 years of this implementation, there are mixed results although the recent STPM exams showed that between 71% and 89% of students chose to answer in English (read here).

The argument that Malay will lose its status as a national language is baloney.  The argument that English will be improved is also absurd. 

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March 5, 2009

A Total Disaster in Perak – Reflective of Future Malaysia?

Each day we read of the political tussle in Perak with more disdain and disbelief.  The silver state has been plunged into a constitutional crisis that may be reflective of the possibility of future Malaysia.  What is happening in Perak, if not checked and constitutionally restored with full democracy, will show what the federal Parliament can eventually become.

Tengku Razaleigh a.k.a. Kuli has become the lone Umno voice that reflects the sentiments of all Malaysians.  His views depart from the Umno stance in stark contrast to the current Umno leaders.  His belief that the Perak crisis must be stopped is not shared by Umno.  His urge to respect the law and constitution and return to the people to obtain a fresh mandate did not go well with Umno (read here).

We now have moved from a frog jumping power takeover by BN to the use of Police and the court to interfere with the state parliament.  The separation of Judiciary, Executive and Legislative has been replaced by the power of the Police and lightning speed court injunction against the Speaker.  The state secretarial clerk now wields more power than the Speaker himself.  The Police listens to the clerk and act against the Speaker.

The misguided interpretation of the Perak Constitution leading to a sitting under the tree with an FRU blockage of the state secretariat building preventing the MPs from entering all shows the circus is in town.

In the haste of obtaining an injunction against the Speaker, BN forgot to check if Ridwan‘s tenure was still valid.  The judicial commissioner’s 2-year term ended last Saturday, 28 February 2009.  This will make any of his declarations and granting of injunction to the BN yesterday (3 March 2009) null and void (read here).  Some believe that he has acted in contempt of the Parliament (read here).

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