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May 28, 2013

Malaysia At A Standstill

The PM has been sworn in. So did the Cabinet except for 5 individuals who should not have joined in at the time as they were not made Senators yet. The new term begins with a fiasco yet to be rectified. There has been rallies by PR and NGOs showing anger at alleged fraud and also directed at the Election Commission (EC) demanding reforms and for the heads to step down.

Obviously, none of the rallies and demands will be met because the Govt will not want to bow down to such pressure. In turn, they started to arrest PR leaders and activists but ignore pro-Umno bloggers and Utusan Malaysia and even Perkasa. The show of power to silence the Opposition is back.

Such is the beginnings of Najib’s new term. Uncertainty, draconian acts, selective prosecutions, all being the continuation of his previous term. No reforms are evident although Najib has reiterated that he will want to do so. While spewing such promises, the Sedition Act is used again. And arrests made to show power and strike fear into Malaysians.


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May 6, 2013

Early Observations of GE13 Results

The votes are finalized and announced by SPR. BN wins 133 over PR 89 seats in Parliament. BN governs all states except Penang, Kelantan and Selangor. PR gains 7 additional seats. All this with strong underlying presence of alleged fraud with phantom voters and unfair main stream media coverage.

Najib’s initial reaction is that he did not expect the Chinese votes to swing so extreme (read here). His line of reasoning was covered with racial overtones with blames on the Chinese community and voting along racial lines.

This off-the-cuff reaction speaks very loudly that Najib’s line of thinking is very racial indeed. In psychological evaluation, one is tested on quick first thing in the mind reaction which shows how Najib thinks. He forgets that there are Malays who voted PR and the popular vote for PR was higher than BN. Why must everything be racial? Because that is how BN thinks and works.

In the calling for national reconciliation, will Najib remains focused on racial lines or will he take the nation beyond race to needs? Unfortunately, not many believes he will change much. It will be flowery rhetorics with racial policies underlying national strategies. But we shall give him a chance and see.

What actually happened in GE13?

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March 31, 2013

The Final Leg Before The GE13 Finish Line

Malaysians expect the mother of all General Elections in the coming GE13. Both Barisan Nasional (BN) and Pakatan Rakyat (PR) are pulling everything out of their hats to build a strong perception amongst voters in a yet to be called General Election.

This is the longest unofficial campaign period ever in the history of Malaysia’s elections. Ever since PM Najib took over the reins from Pak Lah, he has hinted to seek a mandate but has never dared to call for one, even until now. We are staring at the end of April 2013 as the automatic end of Parliament if Najib does not call for its dissolution earlier. For now, Negri Sembilan has gone into caretaking mode with the rest of the state parliaments following suit over the next month or two.

So, what can we expect now?

1. Najib’s Strong Closing and Finishing

Being the incumbent although without the so-called mandate, Najib will always be poised to pose a very formidable close to his reign as the current PM. His so-called “State of the Union” address last was designed to spew all kinds of numbers and stats to generate a positive impression of his government’s work-in-progress in all areas of social, economic and financial development. Of course, much of the realities are yet to be felt by the man-on-the-street regardless of how much he elevates the country’s progress. In fact, people feel that they are well behind financially and economically.

So, how is it that our PM says everything is beautiful and the people says huh?

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December 4, 2012

How Should We Now Vote, Malaysia?


The Umno General Assembly is now over. The well coordinated and choreographed presidential meeting of Umno has done the job. Its members are feeling confused to what they swore, some feeling humored and most couldn’t figure out what they are supposed to swear on as the words came out of Umno President Najib’s mouth.

The final verdict seems to contend that Umno was trying to create a perception that it has changed, it is now more united under Najib, it can stand strong to fight in what is probably the mother of all General Election in Malaysia, it has stamped out dissent, it can show that Umno remains the backbone of BN and also the defender of the Malays, and the focus is on the enemy Pakatan Rakyat and Anwar.

Yes, that is what the media will want you to believe. It is what Umno wants you to believe and they did a rather good job at that. All the toned down rhetorics and crocodile tears shed along the way shows that Malaysian show business is not dead at all. And Umno is a natural at this gauging from the conduct over the past few days of the Umno General Assembly.

So kudos to Najib and the Umno leadership for the perception generated. Umno is ready for a bruising battle for sure.

But such attracts controversial comments from opponents like Lim KS, Anwar and Hadi Awang. Fear mongering, they say. No vision and substance to lead the country. No focus on what matters for the rakyat. Etcetera etcetera…

We watched the PAS Congress in November demonstrate that it is now stronger than ever and ready to tackle hard issues and people centric issues. PAS is focusing on a strong leadership display and invoked a controversial prayer on the failing of Umno in the coming GE13. That obviously drew disdain from Umno who retorted in the recent General Assembly.

But such is politics in Malaysia. Umno with its own recipe of rhetorics on race, religion and royalty against the opposition on economics, people well-being, eradicating corruption, better governance, lowering the economic burden, etc now resonate across the country.

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September 21, 2012

2-Party System in Malaysia

Lim Boo Chang says that for a 2-party system to succeed in Malaysia, it can only work if all races have a stake in managing the country. He points out that a poor example is Penang being dominated by DAP representing the Chinese while PAS and PKR merely plays a secondary role (read here)

This is bull crap!

With due respect to our veteran politician, he has completely missed the point. His roots from the past must have gone so deep that racial politics flows in his vein. He forgets the old adage that “too many cooks spoil the broth”. How can we practice an inclusive brand of country management?

He still thinks the current BN leadership of the appearance to include multi-racial composition in the country management is the way to go. He forgets that there is only one party and one person who calls the shots. He is stuck in his old ways and alas posits a poor understanding of a better management model for the country.

The issue is on the quality of leadership to be the leaders of ALL Malaysians. By this, we mean that our leaders, regardless of race and religion they may be, should practice an inclusive strategy based on fundamental needs and national growth for ALL Malaysians. In this way, if any leaders practice forms of corruption, they are deemed to have strayed from this principle as they are taking away from the people whose fundamental needs must be met as well as from our country whose growth is at stake. If any leader only pays attention to a race rather than needs of people, he is deemed to have abandoned the greater good of the country.

In short, we should not care what race or religion the leaders belong to as long as they are capable and committed to care for all Malaysians and be the very leaders of all Malaysians. Their view must be one who will take the country to greater heights while ensuring all Malaysians are cared for. It is not a socialist view but a pragmatic view based on needs of Malaysians regardless of race or creed. They should not speak from all side of their mouths. They should not play to the gallery. Policies must be fair and just and strategic and impactful. Implementation must be vigorous and faithful and not have hidden agendas.

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May 12, 2011

Another Soi Lek Rant

MCA President Chua Soi Lek has a knack to say the darnest thing. Today, it was reported that he accused the DAP of fostering a 2-race political system instead of a 2-party political system.

Read the report here.

His trend of thought appears totally skewed and off tangent. Nobody saw that coming and is totally illogical.

Why is it that he must see things from a race viewpoint? He seems to feel that as an extrapolation of the recent Sarawak election results that the Chinese community is voting DAP and abandoned MCA but strangely MCA never stood for election at that time. How can this conclusion be made?

Why does he make such sweeping statements that ignore all non-Chinese voters who voted DAP and Pakatan Rakyat for that matter?

Did he not realise that Chinese also voted BN too or now that they are considered non-Chinese all of a sudden?

Soi Lek’s Strawman
Soi Lek loves to create the impression he is tackling a major issue where it is totally non-existent. It exists only in his skewed mind.

General sweeping statements are intended to cause friction and does not help in nation building.

If he thinks stirring this angle helps Malaysians vote MCA, then he must have his head in the sand. Look at all the Malaysians of all ethnic communities who voted MCA and BN. Why must it be Chinese vs Malay? This is very mischievious indeed.

His strawman that he is beating serves no benefit to the country and talking out loud of a myth doesn’t make it true.

His statements in this case belittles all Malaysian voters. There are no constituencies with only Chinese voters voting DAP. It just simply doesn’t exist but perhaps it can create a sensational topic for this MCA President.

Focus on Country Building Ideas to Swing Votes
Instead, Soi Lek should put his thinking cap on to tell Malaysians why they should vote MCA and BN.

It should be for the reasons they are more superior in ideas and execution to bring about dramatic growth and prosper all Malaysians.

It should be for the reasons that uphold justice and eradicate poverty and corruption.

Unfortunately, MCA has fallen prey to staging strawman arguments that drives voters away instead.

Bankrupt of Ideas?
MCA had lots of brilliant people or was that in the past such that they resort to racial slants?

Soi Lek should get himself a bunch of economic advisors who can prop him up as a country growth champion instead of saying such wild rantings and ravings.

MCA should look at how to help all Malaysians prosper instead of blaming one section of Malaysians for their failings.

He is much ado about nothing really!

May 27, 2010

Of Hindraf, HRP and the so-called 3rd Force

The Free Malaysia Today reported that BN has “upstaged Pakatan Rakyat in wooing the outlawed Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf)” (read here).  It is said that there is also a movement towards forming a so-called 3rd Force after the BN and Pakatan Rakyat (PR) together with the Human Rights Party (HRP) and other civil rights movement particularly from Sabah and Sarawak.

All this makes for interesting political reading but is it feasible and plausible to embark on such a major feat?  What are the merits and how will the average Malaysian voter view this new political play?

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February 4, 2009

The Beginning of an End?

The inevitable has happened.  Najib made a press conference with the presence of Nasarudin Hashim, Jamaluddin Mat Radzi, Mohd Osman Jailu and Hee Yit Foong proudly declaring that BN is ready to form the next government in Perak.

(These four assembly men and woman will go down into history and be remembered as the cause of turmoil in Perak).

Earlier, Perak MB Nizar went to inform the Sultan of the dissolution of the Perak Assembly and sought his consent for fresh elections.  It appeared that the Ruler wanted to have more time to think about his decision and perhaps meet with Najib before coming to any decision.

The Perak crisis is now at boiling point.  What is going to happen next?

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February 3, 2009

Pakatan in turmoil?

After a brief celebration of the defection of Bota Assemblyman from Umno, Nasarudin Hashim, to PKR last month, we now have 2 PKR Assemblymen from Behrang and Changkat Jering (Jamaluddin Mat Radzi and Mohd Osman Jailu) go “missing in action” and supposedly “bought” over by Umno, according to the rife rumors circulating.

In a pre-emptive strike, these 2 assemblymen “resigned” from their seats through a fax to the Perak State Assembly Speaker.  Then they purported no to have resigned but the letters were “undated” letter of resignations signed by them last year after the March General Election.

Today, after the Perak State Assembly Speaker referred to the Election Commission on the “resignations” of these two assemblymen, the EC decided that the “resignations” were not valid and hence, there will be no by-elections (read here).  The reason given was that the 2 assemblymen had written to the Perak State Assembly Speaker claiming that their resignations were invalid.  This EC decision may have gone beyond their jurisdiction and overturned the State Assembly Speaker’s decision.  Tian Chua claims that “in the absence of any court decision or injunction, the duty of the EC is merely to set the dates and hold the by-elections, and not decide on the validity of any resignations.” (read here).  Tommy Thomas has an excellent dissertation on this matter and very readable for the layman (read here).  If you signed a blank cheque, you are liable!

In an immediate reaction, Pakatan Rakyat gave the EC 48-hours to reverse this decision (read here) failing which the Perak State Government will take necessary actions.

As the 2 PKR assemblymen had announced they were not leaving the party and they did not submit any resignations from the party, there is no change in the balance of power in Perak (although it was purported that Jamaluddin has quit the party – read here).  However, in reality,

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January 7, 2009

KT By-Election Fever is On!

January 5 was nomination day and we now have 3 candidates – Umno, PAS and Independent.  What seems to be interesting is the way reporting was done to estimate the number of supporters from each camp.

The Star and even The Malaysian Insider quoted a police spokesperson who said that the police estimated about 30,000 BN supporters and 15,000 PAS supporters.  Strangely, their reporters were there to cover the story and yet they never quoted their first hand coverage.  Is there an intent to skew and mislead their readers on the facts of the matter?

Evidently, photos don’t lie, or do they?  Certainly, although a picture paints a thousand words, it can be made to say anything you want.  For now, we shall leave the judgment to you to conclude from the photos taken at KT during the nomination period courtesy of Haris Ibrahim and Bernard Khoo.


Pakatan Rakyat Supporters for PAS Candidate

Pakatan Rakyat Supporters for PAS Candidate

Barisan Nasional's Supporters for Umno Candidate

Barisan Nasional's Supporters for Umno Candidate

P/S  Do not be fooled for a even a minute that such photos say that PAS will win.  This merely shows a formidable support for the Opposition very similar to the Pematang Pauh nomination day scenario.  And that’s all to it!  Campaigning has just begun.

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