Was Works Minister MISINFORMED?

When Fazillah Yusof answered a question in Parliament, he apparently had said that the recent major increase in toll across the city did not break the BN Manifesto presented in 2013 for the General Election. This angle was only carried in THE MALAYSIAN INSIDER and no where else even when the other media covered this story.

If you are not already aware, the recent toll hike took Malaysians by surprise and gave us all a nasty shock at the rate the increases were applied to 18 highways from October 15. This graphic from PAULTAN.ORG summarizes neatly in case you have forgotten.


Now, you can read the story reported by TMI below dated 23-November-2015 or click here. Then you can check if he was misled, mistaken, misinformed, etc. You be the judge.

Putrajaya today said that it did not break any manifesto pledges by allowing toll hikes in several major highways in the Klang Valley recently, Works Minister Datuk Fadillah Yusof said today.

The Barisan Nasional (BN) manifesto for the 2013 general election was said to have promised there would be no toll hikes.

But Fadillah said the pledge only applied to “intercity” tolls. [emphasis mine]

What was stated in the manifesto is intercity tolls. That only applies to the PLUS Expressway and the East Coast Highway,” he said in the Dewan Rakyat today while wrapping up the budget at committee stage for his ministry. [emphasis mine]

Hee Loy Sian (PKR-Petaling Jaya Selatan) had asked Fadillah if the decision to allow the toll hikes, some up by around 30% in October, went against the BN manifesto for the general election.

Fadillah also said that there were more tolls due for hikes next year.

However, the hike could be prevented if the government chose to compensate the concessionaires.

“Our committee will take all this into account. If we pay compensation, the toll rates will not be increased.”

Toll rates were increased for 12 Klang Valley highways in October.

The hike was between 10sen and RM6. – November 23, 2015

Now, you can check out the BN Manifesto 2013 from the Umno JB website here in various languages. A snapshot is provided below. Our Works Minister must read his BN 2013 Manifesto before stating otherwise.

BN Manifesto 2013 - Gradual reduction of intra city tolls



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