Samsung S III takes leader role for Android phones

Samsung has taken the Android devices a notch further than fellow competitors like HTC, LG and Motorola. The recently available Google’s Nexus is now behind this baby.

The much anticipated Samsung successor to the extremely successful Galaxy S2 has just been revealed. To learn more about the device, you can check out Samsung’s official Galaxy S3 site here.

In the same style of the Galaxy S2, the successor is incredibly slim and weightless. The significant appearance change apart from the neat rounded casing is the longer screen. It is now 4.8″ compared to S2’s 4.2″. It is longish as the width is almost identical. Now it looks more like a big screen candy bar flavor. The Super AMOLED is almost as good as the S2.

It is now the fastest Android device with the Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9 CPU. It spots a Samsung Mali-400MP GPU. The internals surely give the S3 a full head above the rest of the crowd.

Early metrics show that the S3 is above the iPhone 4S. We can only tell for sure once the S3 ships later this month,

Is this worth buying?

Yes if you have some spare cash.

If you already have an iPhone 4S or even the Galaxy S2 or Note, you may not have much of a compelling need to change. Again, if you want something new, the S3 is a fantastic device. It will play your games faster, your movies won’t see much of a difference by the naked eye, everything will be smoother but essentially, you can’t call faster, read faster or play faster. These are human limitations.

Which brings us back to the question how fast is fast enough? For most of us, the Galaxy range has come to the point where faster doesn’t mean a whole lot more until applications show the difference. One app you want on the Galaxy to work better is the camera – still or video. The iPhone 4S capitalized on the new hardware very intelligently. Will we see this on the S3 is still left to be seen. Remember, it is not the megapixels that make the picture. It is the processing capability and the optics too. So far, Samsung has not performed as well as the iPhone 4S nor is the screen resolution as high.

Enough said. It’s time to wait for the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S3 to our shores to see the real thing for ourselves. If you are looking for a new phone, this is worth your wait.


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