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May 30, 2012

Malaysia’s Scorpene Nightmare

A breaking news by Free Malaysia Today told of how our PM Najib and others may be subpoenaed to appear in a French Court case against DCNS, the company which sold two Scorpene class submarines to Malaysia.

There is a possibility of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi being issued an international warrant of arrest if they fail to adhere to French subpoenas to assist in the Scorpene submarine corruption inquiry.

Suaram’s French lawyer Joseph Breham told a press conference in Bangkok today that the French judges hearing the inquiry have discretionary powers to ask the Interpol to issue a red notice (an international warrant of arrest) against witnesses who failed to submit to the French court. (read here).

This is a front page news that never made it to the Main Stream Media like NST, Star or Utusan Malaysia. There seems to be a media gag on this matter which many believes will snowball into something so big that will explode in the faces of our Cabinet and Umno.

According to the new article by FMT, even Umno may be

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May 28, 2012

One Million Youths at Putrajaya

Najib was hoping to regain public appearance of support and wipe off the dismal Umno gathering at Bukit Jalil against the backdrop of over 200,000 Malaysians at the recent Bersih 3.0 Sit-In Protest. And surely a carnival party he did throw.

Bernama reported an obviously inflated two million youths during the the five day event which ended last night. It was a much needed rousing support that Najib needed to show that BN and Umno remains strong.

Tearing the hype aside, school children made up of most of the crowd and getting out to a carnival at the end of a school term out of class seems fabulous to most kids. The number of events held ensured that there were enough entertainment to spread around so that none of them will get bored. A bad show by the drag race saw an accident that warded four spectators with seventeen others hurt leading to a cancellation of that event.

So, regardless of how the TV showed the spirit of Najib smothering the crowd, there appeared to be no comparison to the Umno rally nor the Bersih Protest.

Few questions that can be honestly asked.

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May 26, 2012

Plead Guilty When You Are Not? Ridiculous!

The Malaysia Insider broke a news by The Wall Street Journal in the Opinion Piece section urging Anwar to plead guilty to civil disobedience to show his disagreement with Najib’s legal reforms. This is one of those times when we wonder what goes on in the heads of such opinion writers who are ill advised and does not know how ridiculous it sounds.

We are not defending Anwar nor justifying his actions but there are fundamental rights he has when facing such charges in court.

First, the WSJ article reads as follows:

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May 16, 2012

DAP, Tunku Aziz and Dissent

The unfortunate episode where Tunku Aziz finally quit DAP has occured. Much has been said by many people but in the final analysis, a highly respected individual like Tunku has gone down the path in a distasteful way.

Is it that DAP cannot handle dissent? On the contrary. Just as in Pakatan Rakyat, they have plenty of issues they cannot agree on but they can agree to disagree. You can’t see that in Barisan Nasional. If you disagree, keep it to yourself.

Tunku Aziz has stood up for many good and noble issues during his time as the leader of Transparency Malaysia International (TMI). He spoke fearlessly and without favor. The people loved him as a genuine and honest and sincere leader of the society. But those were the days.

When in a collective leadership in an organization like the DAP, Tunku forgets that he is not the TMI head any longer. He is neither the DAP head either. So when he takes a public stand against party position, he became the embarrassment for the DAP leadership. It is no longer about dissent. Once it becomes a public matter, Tunku has breached his honor to the party.

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May 15, 2012

Samsung S III takes leader role for Android phones

Samsung has taken the Android devices a notch further than fellow competitors like HTC, LG and Motorola. The recently available Google’s Nexus is now behind this baby.

The much anticipated Samsung successor to the extremely successful Galaxy S2 has just been revealed. To learn more about the device, you can check out Samsung’s official Galaxy S3 site here.

In the same style of the Galaxy S2, the successor is incredibly slim and weightless. The significant appearance change apart from the neat rounded casing is the longer screen. It is now 4.8″ compared to S2’s 4.2″. It is longish as the width is almost identical. Now it looks more like a big screen candy bar flavor. The Super AMOLED is almost as good as the S2.

It is now the fastest Android device with the Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9 CPU. It spots a Samsung Mali-400MP GPU. The internals surely give the S3 a full head above the rest of the crowd.

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May 5, 2012

Najib says Bersih wants to overthrow the government – He must be joking!

Our PM Najib said some incredible things today. He said that 

The Bersih 3.0 rally was an attempt to topple the government which was elected by the people through a democratic system. (read here)

This is a sign of desperation not knowing how to react to a mega turnout of over 200,000 Malaysians who came in support of Bersih 3.0 DUDUK BANTAH at Dataran Merdeka.

If he had taken the time to read what Bersih 3.0 stood for and saw for himself who actually came to protest, he will be floored completely and he will realise how silly and foolish his statements sound. It is a total INSULT to all the Malaysians who turned out as well as all those who supported in similar Bersih 3.0 protests in over 70 cities around the world. There are millions more Malaysians who weren’t able to join on that day for various reasons.

Mr PM Najib. Did you know there were those who came in their wheelchairs, their crutches, their walking sticks, the elderly, the men and women who wanted a clean and fair election besides the incredible turnout of the younger generation? People from all races came from all over the country to support the Bersih 3.0 demands.

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May 1, 2012

428 Bersih Mayhem – Serious Questions for the Police


The immediate reaction of BN after 200,000 Malaysians voiced full support for a clean and fair election under Bersih 3.0 was the casting of blame and aspersions on the Opposition. They hijacked Bersih and incited violence. BN used the national dailies to smear Bersih to negate its effects and to neutralize the magnificent solidarity of Malaysians.

We read that it was the Opposition members who breached the barricades. We read of a police car being overturned. We hear of blame squarely placed on Bersih by Muhyiddin. We read of policemen injured. We read of Hishamuddin saying the police acted professionally and the protestors were the unruly ones. We read of Hishamuddin saying taking equipment and memory card from members of the media is Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) which has since been contradicted by the IGP.