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October 18, 2012

Auditor General 2011 Report – A Far Cry from the 2010 Report Standard

Finally, the Auditor General 2011 Report has been released. And it is disappointing. Everything is watered down and summarized with minimal details so that nobody can make too much sense out of them. No wonder there was little hue and cry by interested parties. In fact, it has been particularly quiet on comments from any party.

To show you what we mean by a disappointing report standard, we suggest to use the infamous National Feedlot Project as an example. There has been a lot of public interest and awareness on this project and the NFCorp which Shahrizat’s husband and children were responsible for.

In the AG 2010 Report, there were 12 pages of details with tables and photos highlighting the shortcomings of this project. You can read more here.

This year in the AG 2011 Report, there is less than 1 page in summary form with little details to make much sense with. Here is the portion of the report on NFC.

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January 3, 2012

2012: Interesting Times Ahead

Malaysia enters 2012 with many uncertainties but also with many certainties. We are looking at interesting times this year for sure. Let’s take a quick look at what lies ahead.


  1. RPK an Umno blogger? His interview in Singapore has been set ablazed by the MCM to haunt Anwar and PKR. Rumors are running rife that he has been bought by Umno and is given a free pass home to Malaysia. Is that so? It can be true or it can be a game to toy with Umno. RPK is not stupid and neither are we Malaysians. We shall see and time will tell the truth about this matter.
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July 2, 2011

Bersih Rally 9 July – why the fuss?

The impending rally that is planned for 9 July by Bersih (Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections) is apparently called the Walk for Democracy or Bersih 2.0.

They have demanded 8 points

  1. that the EC clean up the electoral roll,
  2. reform postal voting,
  3. use indelible ink,
  4. introduce a minimum 21-day campaign period,
  5. allow all parties free and fair access to the media,
  6. strengthen public institutions,
  7. stop corruption,
  8. put an end to dirty politics.

Bersih is supported by 65 NGOs and has attracted the support of Opposition parties namely PAS, PKR and DAP.

Once the Opposition parties side any issue, the BN Government will side the opposite. Given that BN is the government of the day, they have not only opposed the Bersih Rally but threw all they can muster against it.

The issues for a clean and fair elections raised by Bersih are glossed over by Umno who has been the most outspoken against this event. PM Najib insisted that elections in Malaysia is clean and fair and this rally is totally out of place.

However, to date, the EC and the BN Government have not come out to reply how their view that elections in Malaysia is truly clean and fair against the 8-points raised by Bersih. They make sweeping statements and claim that Bersih is rabble rousing because of reasons that the Rakyat can only speculate.

One major thinking is that Bersih 2.0, if allowed to take place, can become a major stumbling block to the BN in the next General Election because it can heighten the emotions to oppose Umno. This being a civil action means it is the general public that will be standing up for what they perceive as an unfair and unclean election and they want something done about it. Most analysts believe that if elections in Malaysia is truly clean and fair that the BN Government will not be in power today.

As such, it will be inconcievable that PM Najib will allow Bersih Rally to ever take place as it can spell doom for Umno and BN as a whole. The Police has been called to do everything to ensure fear amongst the public that they do not come out on Saturday by the increasing intimidation of arrests for wearing the yellow Bersih t-shirts and anyone encouraging the rally. The public scorn has risen to the greatest heights with the general mood that the Police is totally unreasonable and oppressive.

This was started by our dear Home Minister Hishamuddin who declared the yellow attire for Bersih and anything yellow that propagates Bersih is outlawed. We now have a precedent set by the Home Minister to create laws on-the-fly without the Parliament. Incredible stance and executed by the Police is rousing such opposing sentiments within the Rakyak to stand in disgust that such a simple and straightforward sincere demands for a clean and fair election can be met with such brutal oppression by the BN Government.

Finally, Najib has uttered the mother of all oppression. He said that it is possible to declare an Emergency rule and the Internal Security Act be used to quell any figment of Bersih as he demonises the group.

Instead of support and emphatizing, he can see it only from a political viewpoint and solely the Umno glasses that the rally must be stopped at all cost.

What will happen come July 9? There are similar rallies planned around the world. The Walk for Democracy has been deemed illegal by the Police. The MCMC has come out in support to influence how Bersih news should be reported and promising a clamp down of sites that support Bersih.

All the collective actions of the PM, the Home Minister, the Police, MCMC and of course not forgetting Perkasa and Umno Youth have left a bad taste in the mouth of the public and incited even the least action minded of the Rakyat to want to protest these oppressive acts of the Government against the Rakyat.

July 9 may turn out to be a Walk beyond what Bersih has set out initially. The sentiments of the Rakyat to protest the oppressive acts of the Government will become more prominent than just demands for a clean and fair election.

If this happens, it will be unimaginable how the oppressive forces of the Government will react against the Rakyat come next Saturday.

It is our prayer that all will be peaceful, that a clear and united message from the Rakyat is sent not only to the Agong but the Government and the entire world who is watching closely at this.

Uphold the Contitutional rights of the Rakyat but check any trouble makers on Saturday will be the best outcome possible.

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April 18, 2011

Sarawak Election – Who Really Won and Lost?

The Sarawak Election is over and the people has spoken. They brought BN and Taib back to power.

Obviously, BN won with 55 seats but lost 8% of the popular votes at 55.24% (unofficially).

Taib, PBB

Then it is also obvious that Taib won and he was promptly sworn in as the CM. He was slated to win anyways because PBB won all 35 seats, one short of a simple majority. Taib is not CM for 30 years by fluke. He also won his right to dictate to BM and specifically Umno of his power endorsed and over Najib’s intrusion during the end of the campaign.

There was never a moment that Taib would have lost except for wild speculations and Najib’s paranoia for not understanding Sarawak. Najib’s advisors should all be sacked for underestimating the old fox and usurping his power but Taib won hands down.


It is a resounding acceptance by the Sarawakians, not just the Chinese but Dayak and Iban communities that came thronging in support and gave it overwhelmingly. Winning 12 out of 15 seats contested is excellent and PKR, PAS, SUPP, and SNAP must learn from DAP and PBB.

Go for what you seriously can win. Not for wishful thinking like SNAP and PKR. Even PAS knew they didn’t stand a chance but going for 5 seats shows they were testing the water still. But PKR going for 49 seats and ended up losing 46 (regardless of reasons which might be true). PKR had no clue going into the Sarawak Election and the results showed.

DAP was preparing for close to a year. PKR was still bickering over seats with SNAP. And there’s nothing more needed to be said about SNAP now with such dismal results losing all 26 seats contested, including the one they won in 2006.


Although Najib and the rest of the Ministers would like to claim glory for the BN win, it will be too short sighted for them not to realize that their contribution almost helped the opposition win. The Taib factor was the platform for the opposition but was also the reason BN still won in all the heartlands of rural Sarawak. Taib knows best. That’s why he’s been CM for so long and with this results, no one can deny Taib, not even Najib.

But Najib did win for trying hard. And he did so at his own peril of upsetting Taib. Now, Najib will try to force Taib to step down and Taib’s message will be bugger off!


Not enough can be said but they don’t seem to learn. No proper preparation ahead of time, going into battle without strategy but piggyback on DAP. Going for way too many seats without having the right resources.

They underestimated the logistics and terrain of the constituencies they contested. There was no cohesive ground strategy except to push with ceramahs. Rural folks in the heartland needs handouts, not words, as they are already in hardship. Not able to communicate to them how PKR can change that if they voted PKR has been the biggest challenge.

PBB is there for way longer and knows the culture and terrain very well. What made PKR think by popping in during election that the people’s minds can be swayed? As we can now see, PBB won all their seats.

PKR’s Azmin Ali doesn’t know a thing about running campaigns and if he does, it didn’t show. DAP’s Tony Pua although new had all the experiences he can drawn on and the urban/rural landscape is more familiar after being there for decades. So PKR can’t expect the same results as DAP.

Last remark about PKR. They were hoping that the GE12 sentiments against the establishment was present and hoped that the people will vote just anyone as long as it’s not related to Taib. They were so wrong. Poor reading of Taib’s mega influence just like Najib. Seems that West Malaysians don’t have much of a clue on how Sarawak works and thinks.


George Chan lost. SUPP won a mere 6 seats. George is expected to step down soon and let the next set of leaders decide the fate of the party, unlike Gerakan and MCA who has been giving SUPP advice publicly that sounded more like flatulence instead.

SUPP knows best. George must be really tired fighting the election of his life that was nothing like what SUPP had faced before. DAP literally overwhelmed with personable messages rather than generic rhetorics.


The people will win but if any community of people is sidelined or victimised, there will surely be a retaliation in the GE13 when that happens.

The results is the people’s choice. They are still Sarawakians even if they didn’t vote BN. What should be alarming is that almost half the voters supported the opposition.

So to win them back is to do more to show BN can seriously “transform” into what they personally feel is improvement before the supportive 50% start casting the votes the other way.

One thing for sure. The popular votes show more accurately the sentiments of the people and not the seats as they don’t represent the 1 person 1 vote construction.

The people has spoken. Take heed. This is possibly the last chance for BN to buck up before it’s too late.

October 19, 2010

Budget Inadequate – A Critique of the 2011 Budget

PM Najib announced the 2011 Budget last Friday.  There were immediate shockwaves that permeated the entire nation.  The Opposition obviously didn’t think anything good of it.  But more astounding is the lack of overwhelming agreement with Najib coming from BN leaders.  The statements made appear to be hardpressed to find positive supportive words.  Perhaps many are still in shock from the announcement.

Why should the 2011 Budget give a shock to everybody? Regardless how Najib sugarcoats this Budget, the country must come to terms with it as we all have to live with it, good or bad.  Here’s glossing over some pertinent thoughts about the 2011 Budget.

People’s Budget?

There is very little for the people in reality.

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