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May 28, 2013

Malaysia At A Standstill

The PM has been sworn in. So did the Cabinet except for 5 individuals who should not have joined in at the time as they were not made Senators yet. The new term begins with a fiasco yet to be rectified. There has been rallies by PR and NGOs showing anger at alleged fraud and also directed at the Election Commission (EC) demanding reforms and for the heads to step down.

Obviously, none of the rallies and demands will be met because the Govt will not want to bow down to such pressure. In turn, they started to arrest PR leaders and activists but ignore pro-Umno bloggers and Utusan Malaysia and even Perkasa. The show of power to silence the Opposition is back.

Such is the beginnings of Najib’s new term. Uncertainty, draconian acts, selective prosecutions, all being the continuation of his previous term. No reforms are evident although Najib has reiterated that he will want to do so. While spewing such promises, the Sedition Act is used again. And arrests made to show power and strike fear into Malaysians.


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May 18, 2013

Dangerous Stand by New Domestic Trade Minister

Putrajaya does not approve a campaign to boycott Chinese businesses initiated by pro-Umo bloggers and backed by several Muslim groups, Datuk Hasan Malek said today but the new Domestic Trade, Cooperative and Consumerism minister added that he cannot block their right to do so. (read here)

Several pro-Umno bloggers and the Muslim Consumers Association Malaysia (PPIM) had recently called for consumers to boycott or at the very least buy goods sold by Chinese companies last, including products such as the Massimo brand bread, Cap Sauh wheat flour and coffee-shop chain Old Town White Coffee.

“We will not get involved with those who want to boycott,” Hasan told reporters after launching the Buy Malaysian Goods expo here today.

“We are a ministry for Malaysians,” added the newly-minted minister.

And this is the start of national reconciliation and unity? It seems the call by PM Najib means crap to his Ministers.

We have absolutely rubbish Ministers in the Cabinet who supports such racist behavior. Not stopping it means implicit support and the Ministry is culpable to this boycott. This is not about freedom of speech. This is about Malaysians bullying other Malaysians.

This can self implode the Malaysian economy and break all racial harmony if the PM does not step in to stop such stupidity. And the audacity to say that he is for Malaysians?

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May 18, 2013

Zahid Must Apologize to All Malaysians


Our newly minted Home Minister, Zahid Hamidi, was reported to have written in an Utusan Malaysia column that those who disagree with the electoral system should migrate elsewhere. Then in Twitter world, the newly minted Youth and Sports Minister, Khairy Jamaludin, said that it was Zahid’s personal comment. Today, The Star reported (read here) that Zahid defended his piece and said that he is not racist and was misunderstood. He merely stated the practical steps for people who wants a different electoral system to go where it is practiced.

Only in Malaysia do our leaders tell the people they are leading to leave if they are not happy with something in the country. There are bound to be numerous things that Malaysians will never be happy with about Malaysia but that is no reason to suggest to them to pack and leave. Such mentality is unbecoming of a Minister, especially the Home Minister, whose job is to ensure peace and stability at our home front. He must apologize to all Malaysians. He cannot defend the indefensible. No Malaysian can tell another Malaysian to leave the country. Zahid does not own the country.

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May 6, 2013

Early Observations of GE13 Results

The votes are finalized and announced by SPR. BN wins 133 over PR 89 seats in Parliament. BN governs all states except Penang, Kelantan and Selangor. PR gains 7 additional seats. All this with strong underlying presence of alleged fraud with phantom voters and unfair main stream media coverage.

Najib’s initial reaction is that he did not expect the Chinese votes to swing so extreme (read here). His line of reasoning was covered with racial overtones with blames on the Chinese community and voting along racial lines.

This off-the-cuff reaction speaks very loudly that Najib’s line of thinking is very racial indeed. In psychological evaluation, one is tested on quick first thing in the mind reaction which shows how Najib thinks. He forgets that there are Malays who voted PR and the popular vote for PR was higher than BN. Why must everything be racial? Because that is how BN thinks and works.

In the calling for national reconciliation, will Najib remains focused on racial lines or will he take the nation beyond race to needs? Unfortunately, not many believes he will change much. It will be flowery rhetorics with racial policies underlying national strategies. But we shall give him a chance and see.

What actually happened in GE13?

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May 6, 2013

How can Najib calls for unity but blames “Chinese Tsunami”?

Yes, BN has won the GE13 amidst challenges that there have been massive fraud. Najib has declared that GE13 was free and fair while phantom voters prevailed.

And strangely, while calling for national reconciliation (read here), he also blamed the results being racial as a Chinese tsunami in his off-the-cuff remark to reporters.

He calls for moderation but speaks of racial overtones. Can he decide what he really wants to do?

If everything is viewed through racial glasses, Malaysia is more than finished. This practice has gone on for far too long and ignoring the needs of the populace being so varying that it is not race but needs that must be the way forward.

PR won many of the seats with superb Malay, Chinese and Sabah Bumiputra votes. Looking at the results as purely Chinese makes Najib a bigot and never thinking about East Malaysia at all.

Reconciliation means the new Govt will do everything for everyone, regardless if they voted for them or not and to do so fairly and justly and without fear or favor. No corruption.

Can Najib lead this in true reconciliation spirit or will he continue to punish voters and make policies along racial lines? Will he step up to be the PM of all Malaysians or only for some while shouting 1Malaysia?

Some say, can a leopard change his spots? In politics, maybe, anything goes. We shall see in the coming days if Najib will remain race or needs?

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May 4, 2013

GE13 Results As It Happens

Final Update: Monday 6 May

BN 133
PR 89

BN wins GE13 with 7 seats less than 2008.

Penang is retained by Pakatan Rakyat with more than 2/3 majority.

Kelantan is retained by Pakatan Rakyat with 2/3 majority.

Perak is retained by BN with a 3 seat majority.

Selangor is retained by Pakatan Rakyat with 2/3 majority.

Kedah is won by BN with a 6 seat majority.

Perlis is retained by BN with 2/3 majority.

Terengganu is retained by BN with a 2 seat majority.

Pahang is retained by BN with 2/3 majority.

Johor is retained by BN with a 2/3 majority.

Negeri Sembilan is retained by BN with 2/3 majority.

Melaka is retained by BN with 2/3 majority.

Sabah is retained by BN with 2/3 majority.

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May 4, 2013

Final Thoughts before Election Day 5 May

It is less than 24 hours to Election Day. There were mega rallies by BN and PR in their final push for a historic election of Malaysia. Reports say that they are neck to neck in the race to the final. But is it? There are some very disturbing allegations spreading around the country and must be things that voters before tomorrow’s big day.

Malaysian have been bombarded with promises and slogans and ceramahs of a grander scale than in 2008. At the same time, problematic news have been circulated without clear replies from all parties involved. This makes things all the more suspicious. What are they?

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