IGP Finally Admits The Lahad Datu Invaders Are Enemies

Our IGP, Ismail Omar, was reported to have referred to the Lahad Datu invaders as enemies. This was what was reported in the FreeMalaysiaKini article here.

Ismail added that police also discovered six other bodies whose identities could not be ascertained.

“We believe they are the bodies of the enemies,” he said.

The PM and IGP have been reported to deny that these invaders are militants or terrorists. Tun M admitted that the Government may have made a wrong assessment in the initial stage of the invasion (read here). He was reported to have said that

“At first we did not think the intrusion was as an external threat for they were on our shore.

Mahathir said the only reason the government had “acted cautiously” in the beginning was because the intruders were Muslims.

The Government classified the 180 armed men as “intruders” and refused to label them as “terrorists” or “militants” which is clearly a mistake because it led to a path of appeasement and negotiation rather than a firm and decisive action.

It is also clear now with the Army positioned that General Zulkifeli believes these invaders are military trained.

“From our intelligence and observation, they have combat experience and their insurgency guerrilla tactics are quite good, I would say,” the military general was quoted as saying by news portal Malaysiakini. (read here)

We should not just have the police deal with militants and terrorists. They are not trained to face sniper activities and ambush. Let the Army deal with them decisively.

At this time, from all the news reports published around the Internet, we can conclude that the Army is on standby and not involved in any actions yet, possibly awaiting proper authorization (hopefully soon).

Most Malaysians feel that the standoff has gone on for far too long and that the Government should have taken a firmer stance. It appears that the negotiation period had given the invaders time to group and position themselves and they have no intention of leaving peacefully given the rhetorics from news reports.

We stand by our security forces and pray that they will be safe in their engagement with the enemies of Malaysia. Our condolences to the fallen Malaysians and their families too.

To our Government, news must be timely and decisions must be swift and precise and definite. The lives of our fallen heroes must not be in vain.

Out with the invaders! Now is a good time!


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